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Nathan Coy is a certified coach, mentor and trainer with the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team who loves to come alongside organizations to help grow and develop leaders at all levels.

With a background in logistics and the art of systems, Nathan is able to identify pinch points in processes and helping to eliminate or redirect systems which work for organizations. He is an educator who focuses on all learner types: the visual, auditory, and tactile.
Founder and host of The Wartime Leadership Podcast, Nathan zeros in on resiliency and the various factors that hone the perspectives of his diverse guests and audiences.

In this episode, Nathan shares his personal experiences of resiliency and how they shape Mindset, Discipline & Focus for EntreMusicians.

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00:00 – Show Open

01:16 – Nathan IS a Musician

03:20 – MTM / Brandon David

05:30 – Poetry

07:41 – Military Service

12:40 – Motivation

14:52 – Leadership Lessons

28:09 – Wartime Leadership Podcast

34:16 – Life Before “Nathan”

39:09 – The Story Behind The Story

42:34 – Resiliency on MDF

46:48 – The Unanswered Question

53:47 – Show Close




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