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Irma de Jong is the CEO, Executive Director and Project Manager of iClassical Academy and the Managing Director and Founder of the artist agency Cicerone Music & Art. Irma has worked in the classical music business for more than 30 years, starting her career as a PR and marketing assistant at the Limburg Symphony Orchestra Maastricht in 1992. Irma has collaborated with many renowned artists and orchestras, such as conductors Yoel Levi, Kent Nagano, Salvador Mas Conde, and famous musicians such as Shlomo Mintz, Itamar Golan, Boris Berezovsky, and Maria JoãoPires.

As a project manager, she organized various cultural projects, such as violin competitions, art exhibitions, music events, and festivals. Irma holds a Business diploma from the Hanze College Zwolle and studied and received certificates in linguistics and musicology at the Open University Heerlen.

She obtained a Public Relations and Marketing diploma from the Dutch Institution for Marketing (NIMA). Gianriccardo Pera is a Producer, Director, Documentarian and Script Writer. He has worked as a director for Mediaset TV Italy for many years. He produced shows for RAI TV and theatres. He was the Music Video Director of an online music videos platform of Master Classes for advanced students in classical music. Gianriccardo is specialist for web communication, video entertainment and music video recordings. He is an amateur player of electric & classical guitar. Pera is the Program Manager for iClassical Academy. Since 2015 he produces TV and video communication online and has specialized in Web Marketing strategies and Website design and structuring, with a particular focus on the Classical Music World. In this episode, the two discuss their extensive experience in classical music, the founding, purpose and future of iClassical Academy and how the dynamics of education is changing in this field.

SHOW NOTES 00:00 – Show Open 02:38 – Foundational Experiences in Classical Music (Irma) 03:58 – Foundational Experiences in Classical Music (Gianriccardo) 06:57 – The Founding of iClassical (Irma) 12:12 – Experiences for Students & Teachers of iClassical (Irma) 14:20 – Certification for Students (Gianriccardo) 16:44 – Instruments and Additional Courses Offered (Irma) 20:16 – The Bridge Between Disciplines (Gianriccardo) 27:10 – Reading Music and Improvisation (Irma) 30:57 – Artist Management and Promotion (Irma) 37:30 – How Students & Teachers Become Involved (Gianriccardo) 41:53 – How to Join and Free Content (Irma) 45:00 – iClassical Team (Gianriccardo) 46:40 - Media Partners (Irma) 48:55 - How to Contact Irma & Gianriccardo 51:23 - The Unasked Question 54:05 - Show Close Enjoy!

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