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Fred Lane, the owner and founder of Soul Winner Entertainment LLC, is a passionate andvisionary Emcee who uses his God-given gifts and talents to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Hip Hop.

He is not your average artist, as his main purpose is to win souls to the Kingdom of God and provide musical and visual entertainment that people of all ages can enjoy.

Initially starting his career as a battle Emcee on the tough streets of Philadelphia, Fred Lane had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ in a vision, which opened his eyes to a bigger purpose in life than just having clever rhymes and witty bars. He recognized the power of life and death that lies within the tongue, and chose to use his gift of music to bring life and inspire others to do the same.
The Revelator, as he is known, created Soul Winner Entertainment LLC to be a home for him and other artists who share his vision of winning souls from the influence of satan and the world system that destroys the minds of the masses worldwide. As a gifted lyricist and producer/beat maker, Fred Lane's content is sure to benefit and inspire anyone who listens to it.
Whether you are a fan of Hip Hop or just looking for something new and uplifting, Fred Lane's music is sure to deliver. He is a true artist with a unique message, and his passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ shines through in every one of his tracks. Join him on his journey to win souls for the Kingdom of God and experience the power of music that brings life and hope to all who hear it.

Fred Lane Performs in the Metaverse Every Wednesday at Dope Stilo in Spatial.



00:00 – Show Open

01:50 – How Did You Get Started?

04:56 – What Drew You To Rap?

07:15 – Major Influences?

09:48 – Confidence?

11:45 – Transition to A Profession

15:51 – Faith On Front Street

16:05 – Road To The Metaverse

17:36 – NFT-NYC

19:18 – How to Get Into the Metaverse as an Artist

22:10 – How an Artist Tours in The Metaverse

25:20 – Balancing Acts

27:53 – Spatial/Unity

29:01 – The Unasked Question

31:15 – Faith Walk

32:37 – Show Close




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