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Tru Talk for 3-16 Day 2024 by April Shippy

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April found that many systems and beliefs taught by her church did harm and did not correspond to the Bible. Here she endorses going deeper with the Tru School Workshops offered by the Tru316 Foundation! 

Make sure to check out Season 1 and Episode 1 on The Eden Podcast!

The Tru316 Foundation ( is the home of The Eden Podcast with Bruce C. E. Fleming where we “true” the verse of Genesis 3:16. The Tru316 Message is that “God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way.” Once Genesis 3:16 is made clear the other passages on women and men become clear too. You are encouraged to access the episodes of Seasons 1-11 of The Eden Podcast for teaching on the seven key passages on women and men. Are you a reader? We invite you to get from Amazon the four books by Bruce C. E. Fleming in The Eden Book Series ( Would you like to support the work of the Tru316 Foundation? You can become a Tru Partner here:

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