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Theologian married to a Theologian - The Nick Quient Story

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First a closet deist, he gave his life to Christ, met Allison his wife and BOTH are doing their doctorates in theology. "If I hadn't met Allison, I don't know where I'd be." How have Nick and Allison built a life together in the face of restrictions many teach should be placed on woman? Hear the Nick Quient Story on The Eden Podcast!

The Tru316 Foundation ( is the home of The Eden Podcast with Bruce C. E. Fleming where we “true” the verse of Genesis 3:16. The Tru316 Message is that “God didn’t curse Eve (or Adam) or limit woman in any way.” Once Genesis 3:16 is made clear the other passages on women and men become clear too. You are encouraged to access the episodes of Seasons 1-11 of The Eden Podcast for teaching on the seven key passages on women and men. Are you a reader? We invite you to get from Amazon the four books by Bruce C. E. Fleming in The Eden Book Series ( Would you like to support the work of the Tru316 Foundation? You can become a Tru Partner here:

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