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Dr. Akilah Willery (@awillery) - You Gotta Talk To Your People

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Dr. Akilah Willery is the visionary behind Upskill Services, where she helps small businesses scale their efforts by developing their digital presence with eLearning and automations. Whether you are a coach, trainer or a classroom teacher looking to make your mark in the digital space, she’s the person that will guide you through the noise. With a remarkable background in empowering educators to leverage technology for transformative teaching and learning experiences, Dr. Willery brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Drawing from over two decades of experience as a school district administrator and edtech advisor, she’s now focused on helping others get their slice of the billion-dollar eLearning industry.



Specialized Services

  • eLearning development
  • Digital strategy & automation
  • Online teacher/trainer development


Contact Info

Email: [email protected]


Twitter: @awillery

Facebook: UpskillServices

Instagram: @akilahwillery

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