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ChinesePod makes learning Mandarin fun and easy. It isn't your typical language learning resource - we think you'll be entertained as well! If you’re just trying to learn some survival Chinese or looking to start a lifelong relationship with the language, this ChinesePod - Beginner Level Podcast Channel is where to start. Expand your Mandarin Chinese learning experience by also SUBSCRIBING to ChinesePod - Intermediate and ChinesePod - Advanced Podcast channels. For more lessons, go to and take us for a spin.

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  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Past Experience With 过 guò


    过/過/guò is a past experience marker in Chinese, but what does that mean, and how do we use it in conversation? Listen to this dialogue about a friend asking about a trip to Beijing, and whether of not they've had the experience of eating the famous Beijing Roast Duck. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | Taxi Conversations: Suggesting A Route


    Another useful lesson for your “Traveler’s Audio Phrase Book”, in this podcast we assist you in using Mandarin Chinese to suggest a route to take to your taxi driver. Unimportant, you might think? Try going from Beijing to Shanghai on the service road instead of the highway! Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

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  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Encouraging Words


    Yes, we know you’re going to make your voice sound like the guy in the film when you say “you can do it!”--and that’s okay. What’s not okay is getting discouraged (and in a language of 4 tones & 50,000 characters, it can happen). So how ‘bout a podcast with a Mandarin Chinese lesson on helping that friend out with a few words of encouragement? Go for it! Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | One Egg Tart, Please


    We all know that humans can't live without, I mean food. So knowing how to order food and knowing what the server says are really essential. Let's check out the lesson and try the sentences in the lesson in your daily life. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Make-up


    While you might underestimate a lesson on lipstick, eye shadow, etc, you’d be surprised how relaxing it is to put on after a long day at the office. In this podcast, Jenny (one of the lucky ones who doesn’t need it) teaches Ken (more of a “winter”) all about cosmetics, in Mandarin Chinese. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | Taxi Conversations: Destination


    You’ve used the last lesson on taxis to get into a cab (or put your headphones in the ears of an unsuspecting driver), but now what? Let him take you to where he thinks you need to go (read: every tourist spot known to man)? In this podcast, we’ll help you navigate as a Mandarin Chinese speaking back-seat driver. He won’t dare give you the run around. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Character Mind Map: 老 old


    In Chinese, you often encounter single characters that have multiple related meanings. This has the potential to confuse learners because sometimes it is hard to make connections between component characters and their meanings within multiple-character words. That's why we created this Character Mind Map series, where we focus on characters and the words they make up. Today, we're talking about 老 and all the interesting words using this character. Let's check them out! Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | Taxi Conversations: Finding A Taxi


    We assume that, as a beginner, deciphering the schedule for the airport bus might be just a little stressful, so put off breaking into that duty-free you bought for 10 minutes or so and get yourself far, far away from the mayhem that is an Asian airport. In this podcast, you will learn to ask where to catch a taxi, in Mandarin Chinese, as well as some directional words to help you find your way there. Then, sit back and enjoy the ride! Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Elementary | Borrowing And Returning


    Despite many an inter-office email on “please don’t make the intros your own therapy” we simply cannot ignore today’s topic and the fact that Ken has yet to return our favorite Sharpie pen. Listen in to this podcast for a Mandarin Chinese lesson on borrowing and returning. We promise—no moralizing. Episode link:
  • ChinesePod - Beginner podcast

    Newbie | The Pen Is Out Of Water


    In this newbie lesson, we are looking for some common office supplies, and in doing so, you have to learn how to use the sentence structure 没...了. I know what you're thinking, "The pen is out of...water? That's just bad English". I assure you that it's not a typo, but a way to help you remember how to express "The pen is out of ink" in Chinese. Let's check out today's lesson! Episode link:

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