The Astrology Oddcast podcast

April 2021

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In the episode:

  • Reflecting on this week’s astrology (00.55)
  • The final quarter moon (02.40)
  • The new moon in Aries (04.05)
  • Venus’ influence (04.45)
  • Mercury (06.30)
  • More significant dates (7.45)
  • Where the challenges might be..! (08.55)
  • Taurus season & Earth day (11.30)
  • Mars moving to Cancer (14.50)
  • Cryptocurrency & finance (15.50)
  • Eclipse season (17.30)


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  • The Astrology Oddcast podcast



    In this episode...Intro to Suneet (00:55)Shamanic philosophy (02.20)How she & Francesca met (07.50)Suneet’s psychic background (10.00)Her astrology (16.45)Plant healing (19.55)Plant ceremonies (26.50)Suneet's favourite plants (34.30)The energy of now (40.30)Vedic astrology (47.10)How to connect with Suneet & what’s coming up (49.05) Find Suneet  Find Francesca
  • The Astrology Oddcast podcast

    August 2021


    In the episode....Where we’re at currently (1.10)Debates (4.20)The start of August (5.30)The new moon and Lion’s Gate (10.30)Venus/Neptune opposition (16.00)Information (21.40)Wild scenes and outbursts! (25.00)The full moon (26.20)Scorpio season (30.45)Summary & where to find Francesca (33.00) Find Francesca at:@francescaoddieastrologyfrancescaoddie.comFrancesca Oddie Astrology on Mighty Networks
  • The Astrology Oddcast podcast

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  • The Astrology Oddcast podcast

    Lizzie Pickering


    In this episode:Siblings (04.00)Lizzie’s introduction and story (07.25)The square (15.20)Lizzie and her son’s charts together (20.50)Grief guidance (23.20)Competitiveness with grief (29mins)Her work and fundraising (32.45)Using her voice (43.45)The afterlife (48.25)How she and Fran met (56.05)Her bereavement work (1.00.00)What’s coming next (01.14.50)Scorpio & privacy!  (01.16.00)Grief & joy (01.17.20)The water element (01.25.10)Going forwards & Lizzie's mission (01.27.00)Where to find her (01.29.55) Find Francesca:@francescaoddieastrologyfrancescaoddie.comFrancesca Oddie Astrology on Mighty Networks Find Lizzie:@lizzie.pickering
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    Relationship Astrology with Jules & Dutch


    In this episode:Intro to Jules & Dutch (01.20)Their charts (07.00)Numerology (08.30)Jules’ chart (10.30)Personal planets (12.40)Dutch’s chart (17.30)How your chart is helpful (24.40)How astrology works (26.30)The nodes (29.55)Days of the week (39.00)Their two charts together (42.20)What’s coming up (54.00)Find Francesca at:@francescaoddieastrologyfrancescaoddie.comFrancesca Oddie Astrology on Mighty NetworksFind Jules at:@julesvonhep@theisleofparadiseFind Dutch at:@markbeverlo
  • The Astrology Oddcast podcast

    June 2021


    What's in the episode:Mercury Retrograde (00.30)Jupiter (01.15)Saturn & Uranus (02.50)Orwellian themes (06.30)The eclipses (08.40)Mars in Leo (13.10)Sun moving to Cancer (14.35)Mercury & journalism (16.00)Pluto moving to Aquarius (21.50)Summary of June (28.00)Find Francesca at:@francescaoddieastrologyfrancescaoddie.comFrancesca Oddie Astrology on Mighty Networks
  • The Astrology Oddcast podcast

    Poppy Delbridge


    In this episode:Intro to Poppy (2.50)Rapid tapping  (5.20)How tapping works (11.50)Sagittarius energy & planets in your birth chart (15.30)Poppy’s career shift (19.45)Strategy (23.40)The progressed chart (28.10)Codependency (37.25)Planets in the 7th house (44.30)Transits & Poppy’s chart (56.50)Moon phases (01.03.50)Uranus (01.05.45)Her plans now & where to find her (01.07.10)Find Francesca at:@francescaoddieastrologyfrancescaoddie.comFind Poppy
  • The Astrology Oddcast podcast

    May 2021


    Reflecting on April (01.10)Dates for your diary! (3.15)The new moon (8.50)Jupiter in Pisces (13.50)The lunar eclipse (15.00)The full moon (20.45)Where to find Fran & her book club! (25.25)@francescaoddieastrology  
  • The Astrology Oddcast podcast

    Natalie Miles


    In this episode:Update on Natalie (2.50)Her new platform 'The Doorway' (8.50)Channelling (10.20)Running a business the patriarchal way vs being in flow (11.40)Ancestral healing (17.25)A time of transformation (23.00)Who Natalie is (28.00)Covid & the vaccine (31.00)Natalie’s progressed  chart  (37.40)Her book & intuition (43.15)Her year ahead (45.25)Crypto, technology & change (48.55)Reincarnation, death & what we’re learning now (57.50)Following your inner voice (01.05.20)Manifestation  & spiritual bypassing (01.09.40)Natalie’s new podcast & where to find her (01.15.20)Francesca's thoughts on speaking out (01.20.50) Find Francesca at:@francescaoddieastrology Find Natalie
  • The Astrology Oddcast podcast

    Richard Abbot


    Intro to Richard & his story (03.30)His teacher’s views (07.30)The darker side to spirituality (12.10)“Be wise, not woke” (13.20)Dominant letters in your name (15.30)The soul (18.20)Tarot & numerology (24.00)Discussing our truth & individuality (30.25)Saturn in Aquarius (35.10)“God” (43mins)Where to find Richard (47.50)Current challenges (48.45)Intelligence & master numbers (1.00.10)Meditation & healing (01.02.05)Speaking honestly & being provocative (01.13.30)Spiritual development (01.17.50)Censorship & the Age of Aquarius (01.24.00) Find Francesca at: @francescaoddieastrologyFind Richard at:  @richard_abbot_1111 &  
  • The Astrology Oddcast podcast

    April 2021


    In the episode:Reflecting on this week’s astrology (00.55)The final quarter moon (02.40)The new moon in Aries (04.05)Venus’ influence (04.45)Mercury (06.30)More significant dates (7.45)Where the challenges might be..! (08.55)Taurus season & Earth day (11.30)Mars moving to Cancer (14.50)Cryptocurrency & finance (15.50)Eclipse season (17.30)@francescaoddieastrology

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