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Episode 63 - Die Berliner Luft (1929)

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"It was the wildest of times..." Season 5 Part 2 begins with a tale from the roaring twenties. Berlin is a party... but there is a threat on the horizon... How long can the party last? Dedicated to Celeste Joos, featuring Alan Burgon, Hemi Yeroham, Julia C. Thorne, Ursula Anna Baumgartner, Alexander Ballinger, Jordan Cobb, Erin King and Mariah Lohn. Written by Philip Thorne with music and sound design by Adam Raymonda. Musical arrangements for the songs by Fredrik Baden, Die Berliner Luft by Paul Lincke, Das Hobellied traditional. Full credits and transcript on our website. Website:  Transcripts: Patreon: Donations: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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