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Australian National Day Special: “Intelligence Down Under with John Blaxland”

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Summary John Blaxland (Twitter, LinkedIn) joins Andrew (Twitter; LinkedIn) to discuss intelligence in Australia and Oceania. John is a widely recognized as a leading expert in this area.  What You’ll Learn Intelligence -Australia’s Intelligence Community  -SIGINT in Australia during WWII  -Australia’s relationship with South Asia -The Pine Gap facility  Reflections -The implications of geography -The power of collaboration And much, much more … Quotes of the Week “The shift from the analog to the digital world … The shift for digital espionage, digital footprint management. How do you hide in the noise? How do you cover your identity? How do you protect your identity? … The digital revolution has actually enabled states to exercise a lot more power, a lot more control, a lot more monitoring, a lot more surveillance, a lot more interference.” – John Blaxland. Resources  SURFACE SKIM *Spotlight Resource* -Revealing Secrets: An unofficial history of Australian Signals intelligence and the advent of cyber, C. Birgin & J. Blaxland (University of New South Wales Press, 2023) *SpyCasts* -SPY CHIEFS: Director-General of Security Mike Burgess - ASIO, Australia & America (2022) -Keeping Secrets/Disclosing Secrets with Spy Chief turned DG of Australia’s National Archives David Fricker (2022) -Desperately, Madly in Love – Brett Peppler and the Australian IC (2021) *Beginner Resources* -East Timor Independence: a short history of a long and brutal struggle, Guardian Australia, YouTube (2019) [4 min. video] -Our Agencies, National Intelligence Community of Australia (n.d.) [Overview of each agency in the Australian IC] -What is signals intelligence?, BAE Systems (n.d.) [Short article] DEEPER DIVE Books -Spies & Sparrows: ASIO & the Cold War, P. Deery (Melbourne University Press, 2022) -Australia's First Spies: The Remarkable Story of Australia's Intelligence Operations, 1901-45, J. Fahey (Allen & Unwin, 2019) -The Official History of ASIO – 3 Volumes, D. Horner, J. Blaxland, R. Crawley (Allen & Unwin, 2014/2015/2016) Primary Sources  -United Nations Resolution 1272 (1999) -United Nations Resolution 1264 (1999)  -Five Power Defence Arrangements (1971)  -Agreement between the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia and the Government of the United States of America relating to the Establishment of a Joint Defence Space Research Facility (1966)  -6 Wireless Unit signal sighting of Allied shipping (1945)  -Role and effectiveness of Signals Intelligence in World War II (1945) -Four Rotor Enigma Machine, Collection of the International Spy Museum (1943-1944)  *Wildcard Resource* -Pine Gap  A TV show about the top-secret satellite surveillance base of the same name. If you’ve seen it, you know it all about Australian Intelligence. Just kidding. But it’s a good watch!  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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