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Tim Weisberg

Join host Tim Weisberg along with psychic medium Stephanie Burke and Science Advisor Matt Moniz as they delve into paranormal topics such as ghosts and hauntings, UFOs and aliens, Bigfoot and cryptids, and other mysterious things. Also streaming LIVE video during the show at SpookySouthcoast.com.

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  • Spooky Southcoast podcast

    Episode 637: Annual Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show


    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live, Saturday, October 16, 2021. Tim and Stephanie anchor this year's edition of the Bridgewater Triangle Investigation Show, with teams stationed throughout the Triangle (and battling the incoming rain). They also discuss the new documentary they are featured in, "Famously Haunted: Amityville," streaming exclusively on the Tubi app.
  • Spooky Southcoast podcast

    Episode 636: Renovating the Paranormal


    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live, Saturday, September 25, 2021. With the news breaking that the Conjuring House is back on the market and the changes being made to the Lizzie Borden House, Tim and Moniz discuss whether owners of historic haunts that charge for investigations have a responsibility to remain historically accurate. Ken Decosta of RISEUP Paranormal also calls in to offer his thoughts and tell us a bit about the 2021 Ocean State ParaCon.
  • Spooky Southcoast podcast

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  • Spooky Southcoast podcast

    Episode 635: Relatively Paranormal


    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live, Saturday, September 11, 2021. Tim is joined by Todd Sylvia and Marissa Weiner of New Bedford paranormal team Relatively Paranormal to talk about their haunted home, investigating with their young daughter, and the haunts of the SouthCoast.
  • Spooky Southcoast podcast

    Episode 634: Words to Delete From the Paranormal


    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live, Saturday, August 28, 2021. Tim and Moniz discuss the new "Bridgewater" podcast from Aaron Mahnke; the Lizzie Borden House hiring a "ghost hunter"; a FB post from a deceased friend; and what words needed to be deleted from the paranormal lexicon.
  • Spooky Southcoast podcast

    Episode 633: Ghostbusters and Video Games


    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live, Saturday, July 31, 2021. Tim and Moniz discuss the "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" trailer in Hour 1, and the impact "Ghostbusters" has had on their lives and the paranormal community. In Hour 2, they discuss retro video games with callers.
  • Spooky Southcoast podcast

    Episode 632: Who Owns the Legends?


    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live, Saturday, July 24, 2021. Christopher Balzano joins Tim and Moniz to discuss who can claim ownership to legends and whether citing sources is a lost art in the new media of the paranormal.
  • Spooky Southcoast podcast

    Episode 631: Lizzie Borden Changes


    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live, Saturday, June 10, 2021. Tim, Stephanie and Moniz discuss the changes going on at the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, and the passing of beloved cat Max Borden.
  • Spooky Southcoast podcast

    Episode 630: Revolutionary Ghosts


    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live, Saturday, July 3, 2021. On the eve of Independence Day, Tim and Moniz discuss some of the locations they have investigated that have ties to the Revolutionary War.
  • Spooky Southcoast podcast

    Episode 629: The UFO Report


    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live, Saturday, June 26, 2021. A day after the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released its long-awaited UFO report, Tim and Moniz break it all down page-by-page and discuss what it says – as well as what it doesn't say.
  • Spooky Southcoast podcast

    Episode 628: Fall River Cult Murders


    "Spooky Southcoast" recorded live, Saturday, June 19, 2021. Filmmaker Aaron Cadieux joins Tim and Stephanie to discuss the Fall River "cult murders," the docuseries that recently aired about them, and whether Carl Drew is guilty of them.

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