Small Biz Babes Community Podcast podcast

Small Biz Babes Community Podcast

Michaela Fong - Small Business Marketing Strategist

Are you committed to making your small business goals happen, but you lack the clarity, strategy & confidence to get there? Are you overwhelmed from trying to figure out where to spend your time & resources, so you can finally get consistent sales to your business without having to hustle 24/7 and sacrifice your well-being?

Small Biz Babes Community Podcast by Michaela Fong is dedicated to helping ambitious small business owners like you build a business that aligns with your passions & values with strategy, intention AND without burnout… Because we believe that success isn't just about making money - it's about building a business & life that you love.

In this podcast, host Michaela Fong is here to give you a well-rounded perspective & realistic strategies that she used to grow a multiple-six-figure product business and a service-based online business from her living room floor and kitchen counter. Through solo episodes & special guest interviews, we dive deep into honest & vulnerable conversations about the real challenges of growing profitable & sustainable small businesses online and provide actionable tips to overcome them.

You can expect practical advice from e-commerce to social media & online marketing that will help you gain clarity and make your small business stand out in today's competitive online space. We will break down the overwhelming world of online marketing into actionable bite-sized pieces that you can apply to your business. But we don't just focus on tactics and strategies - we also delve into the mindset and habits crucial for achieving success and living a fulfilling life - whatever that means for you!

Pull out your notepad & get ready to hear the truth - the failures, the successes and practical lessons behind what it really takes to grow a successful online business without burnout. Let's build your dream small business & life with intention together! See you on Tuesdays!

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