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Lisa Schrader

The feminine is rising, speaking out, reclaiming her body, and stepping into leadership like never before. But today’s women also suffer from record levels of stress, adrenal fatigue, depression and sexual dissatisfaction. Yes, we’ve learned to win, but in the wrong game. Our most valuable resource has been there all along: our sacred sensual body, fiercely loving heart, and the inspired guidance of our soul. This is our authentic feminine power. By returning our Source, we more effortlessly magnetize to us what is wanted with greater pleasure, ease, and abundance. Coach, Author, and Founder of, Lisa Schrader has appeared on Oprah and supports a global network of mothers, lovers and leaders to return to their source of joy. Listen and be seduced into falling in love with yourself as a woman, exactly the way that you are.

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    EP 8: The Vibrant Vagina


    Our mid-life menopausal rebirthing can bring many changes but most difficult can be the hormonal shifts that make sex uncomfortable or even painful. I was determined to make it through my “Change” naturally and without intervention but I had no idea how misguided I was! Not until I found myself in a miserable, “grin and bear it” relationship with intercourse.
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    EP 7: Rings True


    It begins with, "My wedding rings disappeared." This is a highly personal, true story from SheSource host Lisa Schrader about losing something precious and finding hidden meanings. About sacrifice, betrayal, curses, and living in the mystery. About grappling with big questions about what we're really married to and the symbols we use for sacred union. Ultimately, it's a tale about returning to love.
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    On the Road to Ruin or Reunion?


    With the times so intense and the need so great, how can we move from overwhelm to overflow, self-doubt to self-confidence, chaos to clarity? Not in old hypermasculine ways of pushing ourselves, but from the magnetism of our greater connection to our sacred feminine source. If we want to see less separation in the world, we have to have greater union within. Join Lisa as she speaks about how to make that shift.
  • SheSource podcast

    From Overwhelm to Overflow


    We cannot give what we do not have. Most of us modern day women operate from depletion rather than giving from our effulgence. Join your host, Lisa Schrader, and learn how to tap into your sacred feminine source of sensuality, heart, and soul. Because pleasure begets balance and balance opens the way to your rising capacity to be a channel for greater flow in all areas of your life.
  • SheSource podcast

    What You Really Want...Balance


    It's time to return to your natural state of balance. Time to come home to YOU before everything else. Yes, everything. Join Host Lisa Schrader as we stop swinging from the trees and get rooted in divine right flow. This is the only way to have it all. 
  • SheSource podcast

    Your Pleasure Is Your Power


    Why have we been taught to fear pleasure?  Did you know parts of the female body were designed only for pleasure? Join Host Lisa Schrader as we take back pleasure and TURN ON  peace, prosperity, and even productivity in the process.
  • SheSource podcast

    Don't Be a Dick


    When did feminine power become code for a woman acting like a man? In this podcast, we open up to TRUE feminine power which is about allowing not pushing, about receiving not just giving. This is about authentic feminine power where everyone wins.   
  • SheSource podcast

    Reality Check & My Oprah Experience


    We launch the podcast with a call to awaken to who you REALLY are as a woman! Join our Host Lisa Schrader as she helps us wake up from our unsustainable addiction to efforting and proving ourselves. She also shares her life-changing stories about being on The Oprah Winfrey Show. 

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