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Route 29 Stalker

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Between the years of 1996-2014, an unusually high number of women have fallen victim to disappearances and murders along the Route 29 corridor in Virginia calling the suspect the... Route 29 Stalker.

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  • Route 29 Stalker podcast

    The Murder of Alexis Murphy


    Alexis Murphy was a 17-year-old female from Nelson County, Virginia who went missing on August 3, 2013. She was last seen at a gas station in Lovingston, Virginia. Evidence was recovered from a vehicle and camper belonging to 48-year-old Randy Taylor...
  • Route 29 Stalker podcast

    New Podcast - SOMETHING TOLD ME


    Visit and send us your story, for example: I was on my way home from work and something told me don’t go the usual way. Or I was in my daughters room and something told me to look under the bed.. and what happened next….
  • Route 29 Stalker podcast

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  • Route 29 Stalker podcast

    The Call


    We talk with a person that worked down the road from where Alicia's body was found and provided even more information regarding that day and the day after. 
  • Route 29 Stalker podcast

    Quick Update...


    A quick update regarding Season 2 of Route 29 Stalker. 
  • Route 29 Stalker podcast

    So Far...


    We still have so many questions...we try to answer some of those and with those answers we might be headed in a whole new direction. 
  • Route 29 Stalker podcast

    What Remains


    A local community member takes us to the place where Alicia's body was found.  During the ride we find out new information that raises even more questions.  
  • Route 29 Stalker podcast



    A suspect emerges in Julianne and Lollies case, as well as being the prime candidate to be the Route 29 Stalker...but not everything is as it seems.
  • Route 29 Stalker podcast

    In The Woods


    We talk to Kim Dinan author of A Murder In The Woods: The Mystery Behind Shenandoah National Park's Last Homicide...(Blueridge Outdoors Magazine) about information she has gathered regarding the Route 29 Stalker cases. 
  • Route 29 Stalker podcast



    As we move the timeline forward in Culpeper of 1996, we find that there were many more murders that are still unsolved from the area.  Only a month after Alicia's body was found, 2 more were discovered nearby...
  • Route 29 Stalker podcast

    Road Block


    All descriptions point to a man driving a dark small pickup.  This truck had 30day tags and was a recurring piece of the puzzle.  

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