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How the world should change after the coronavirus pandemic. Leading thinkers from across the globe give us their route maps to a better tomorrow.

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    Technology and Education


    During the pandemic many schools and universities relied on virtual lessons using video software. In the final programme of this Rethink on Education, we look to the future and ask what is the role of technology in education? Will students be taught virtually or will online resources only be used to enhance the classroom experience? Amol Rajan and guests discuss. GUESTS: Alex Beard, Author, Natural Born Learners Matt Hood, Founder, Oak National Academy Dilshad Sheikh, Dean of the Business School, Arden University Dr. Elizabeth Gemmill, Department for Continuing Education, Oxford University Presenter: Amol Rajan Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Kirsty Reid
  • Rethink podcast

    Are we teaching the right subjects for the future of the country?


    Universities receive double the amount of funding that Further Education colleges get, despite the fact they have twice the number of students, most of whom are in vocational training. If the country is to meet the requirements of new technology jobs, and skills, should we be investing more money in higher education that provides the skills we will need for the future economic prosperity of the country rather than a course in English Literature? Amol Rajan and guests discuss. GUESTS: Professor Dame Ann Dowling, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Cambridge University, Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering David Goodhart, Author 'Head, Hand, Heart: The struggle for dignity and status in the 21st Century Jude Kelly, Founder WoW Foundation Professor Steven Spier, Vice-chancellor, Kingston University Presenter: Amol Rajan Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Kirsty Reid
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    Is the current exam system fit for purpose?


    Should we change the current system of examinations for our 16 and 18 year olds? During the past two years pupils across the UK have missed out on official exams like GCSEs, A Levels and Highers. So are official exams no longer needed? The current system was set up as a conduit for the now, 50 percent of students who go to university. But what about those who don't go on to higher education, are they being catered for? Is there a better way to assess what young people have learnt whilst at school that will help them get what they want out of life in the future? Amol Rajan and guests discuss. GUESTS Lord Kenneth Baker, Baker Dearing Educational Trust, UTC's Laura McInerney, Founder, TeacherTapp Dr. Kevin Stannard, Head of Innovation and Learning, Girls' Day Schools Trust Aliyah Irabor-York, Student & Founder , Pupil Power and Kiran Gill, CEO and Founder, The Difference Presenter: Amol Rajan Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Kirsty Reid
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    Can school make up for what's lacking at home?


    Today's Rethink is looking at early years and primary education. With cuts in child services, are primary schools and early years providers becoming ersatz parents as well as educators? Providing everything from meals to setting boundaries in a space where children can be their very best? Amol Rajan and guests discuss whether educators can really make up for what's missing in the home? GUESTS Dr. Mary Bousted, Joint General-Secretary, National Education Union Naomi Eisenstadt, Chair, Northamptonshire Integrated Care System and Honorary Fellow at the University of Oxford Dept of Education Zane Powles, MBE, Asst Deputy Headteacher, Western Primary School, Grimsby Shaddai Tembo, Lecturer, Early Years, University of Highlands and Islands Presenter: Amol Rajan Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Kirsty Reid
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    What is education for?


    Rethinking Education. In a new five part Rethink series, Amol Rajan and guests discuss how we can re-think the Education system post pandemic. GUESTS Kikelomo Agunbiade, Head of Education, IPPR Claire-Marie Cuthbert - Chief Executive, Evolve Trust David Perks, Principal and Founder, East London Science School Professor David Runciman, Professor of Politics and History, Cambridge University Presenter: Amol Rajan Producer: Julie Ball Editor: Kirsty Reid
  • Rethink podcast

    Jude Browne: Rethinking Responsibility


    Professor Jude Browne looks at how we tackle the concept of responsibility post-pandemic
  • Rethink podcast

    David Graeber: Rethinking Jobs


    Author Graeber questions the purpose of our work.
  • Rethink podcast

    Amonge Sinxoto: Rethinking Safety


    Activist Sinxoto reminds us that millions of people live in constant danger.
  • Rethink podcast

    Rt. Hon. Douglas Alexander: Rethinking Economic Dignity


    Rt. Hon. Douglas Alexander, Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, suggests a series of specific policies to address low pay.
  • Rethink podcast

    K T Tunstall: Rethinking The Music Industry


    Musician Tunstall shares that convenience for consumers comes at a huge cost for artists

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