REALLY?!. with Tom and Dave podcast

REALLY?!. with Tom and Dave

Tom Wheeler and Dave Foley

Hosted by comedian Dave Foley and showrunner, screenwriter and novelist Tom Wheeler, as they interview the most compelling and credible journalists, researchers and government officials on the frontlines of "exotic" UFO alien technology and break down fact from fiction in a world where Congress has passed groundbreaking bi-partisan legislation to study UFOs and investigate Secret Access Programs that may be hiding crashed otherworldly crafts. Join Tom and Dave, the non-experts, as they find the real experts to solve this puzzle piece by piece with guests that include ufologist Jeremy Corbell, author Paul Hynek, investigative journalists Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal who just broke the story on the government whistleblower, and David Charles Grusch who claims the U.S. government has retrieved a non-human craft. Produced by Stampede Ventures and Crissy Guerrero

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