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Come with an open mind and join Kelsey Cortes as she talks about spirituality, personal growth, aliens, the paranormal, and conspiracy! She is extremely passionate about helping others expand their consciousness and ease people's mind's with current events. Take what she says and let it open your eyes to a new perspective on life. All good vibes here. New episodes are released every Friday and if you want to be featured in 'Questions of The Week' head over to @QuestionEverythingPodcast_ on Instagram and click the link in her bio! Thanks for sticking around and sending you all love. Support this podcast:

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    Ep. 39: This Isn't Goodbye


    Hey guys! This is my potentially last episode of Question Everything. There has been so much going on and I feel as if I need a new beginning with a new podcast, I better explain everything throughout this episode but I hope you guys will stick around for the journey. I love you all! The new podcast is called 'Figuring Shit Out' and you can now find it on all platforms! Thanks for sticking with me up until now and I hope to see you guys on the flip side! -Kelsey --- Support this podcast:
  • Question Everything podcast

    Ep. 38: Complacency Is The Enemy Of Human Evolution Ft. Tiktok Content Creator Dana @AbundantVibes


    Hey guys! It's been a while, but I am back with a new episode! In this episode I had Dana from TikTok on, she is a well-known creator in the truth and spiritual community on TikTok. She posts content about conspiracy theories, spirituality, philosophy, religion etc. We talked about several different topics such as the jab, a few theories, Tibetan Buddhism, the Demiurge, Hollywood, etc. We also touch up on what it's like being a content creator who speaks about these things openly in a society that seems to be very close-minded. It was awesome being able to have a conversation with Dana and having similar perspectives on these topics. I hope you guys enjoy it and as always, question everything. ;) Dana's Social Media: Tiktok: @abundantvibes Instagram: @Doundy_ YouTube: Abundant Vibes Kelsey's Social Media: Tiktok: @kelscortes Instagram: @QuestionEverythingPodcast_ & @kelseycortes Twitter: @wokewithkels & @kelseycortes YouTube: Kelsey Cortes --- Support this podcast:
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  • Question Everything podcast

    Ep. 37: A Survivor Of Mind Control & Hypnosis Shares Her Story


    Hey guys, in this episode I have a survivor of mind control and hypnosis torture. She shares her story about what she still goes through to this day. My intentions are to bring awareness to these issues in hopes that more people will start to be more mindful. We can all do our part by taking the time to hear these victims out, as well as, working on ourselves. As I always say, we can't help the world until we help ourselves. Thank you for sticking around and I hope you enjoy. Gina’s Tiktok Kelsey’s Social’s: Twitter Insta Tiktok --- Support this podcast:
  • Question Everything podcast

    Ep. 36: A Voice For The Voiceless Ft. Amber Stone


    Hey guys, this episode has been long-awaited but I am so honored and excited to finally put it out. I asked Amber Stone to come on to share her story of being a victim of child trafficking and MKultra. My intentions for this episode are for her to share her truth and for others who have gone through similar experiences to not feel alone. By her being able to speak her truth she is not only helping herself heal but also helping the collective heal. I want to be able to help these survivors feel validated and heard so I am absolutely honored that she was willing and able to come on. Thank you, Amber! If you want to check our her page where she talks more about her healing it is @_amberlynnstone & her Tiktok is: @amberlynnstone The book she talks about is: Medical Medium by Anthony William & Cleanse To Heal --- Support this podcast:
  • Question Everything podcast

    Ep. 35: Is Modern Medicine Killing Us?


    Hey guys!! In this episode, I just share my own thoughts and question if modern medicine is killing us. I provide some research and simply just talk about what’s been on my mind with current events. Thank you for listening and sticking around. I love you all! And remember to take what resonates and leave what doesn’t! Not everything I say will resonate with your reality but I hope it opens your mind to start questioning some things.  Check this episode out on youtube! Kelsey’s Social Media:  Instagram: @questioneverythingpodcast_  Twitter: @wokewithkels  Tiktok: @kelscortes --- Support this podcast:
  • Question Everything podcast

    Ep. 34: Akashic Records, Past Lives, Karma Ft. Vandita @soulcoachv


    Hello, welcome back!! In this episode, I have Vandita on who is a soul coach that helps people by tapping into their past lives. Her mission is to help people better understand why certain things happen in their lives and to bring awareness to certain Karmic lessons. We talk about tapping into the Akashic records which is where she looks at each individual’s past lives. We also talk about clearing Karma, connecting with your spirit guides, and healing! I hope you enjoy and as always, question everything. Watch this episode on YouTube! Vandita’s Website: Vandita’s Tiktok & Instagram Nikki Novo: --- Support this podcast:
  • Question Everything podcast

    Ep. 33: We're Actually A Psyop Ft. Nikki @ateenyalien


    Hello!! In this episode, I have Nikki back on to talk about certain things that have been going on within the 'truth community' on Twitter. We think it is important to bring our perspectives to light because at the end of the day we both have pure intentions and want to bring people together. We also don't want to see those who are in this community become the very same people they resent without being aware of it. If you’re not on Twitter, I think you can still apply what we talked about to any aspect of your life. Self-reflection and awareness are vital to our growth and transformation. We also touch upon other topics such as the jab, control, fear, propaganda, etc. We also agree that as a community we need to come together to help evolve the collective rather than perpetuate the cycle and get trapped. What has happened to both of us, and many other big content creators can be looked at as a sign of needing to take the next step. The world won't change if we don't change. If anything I hope this episode leaves you with a little bit of hope.  Nikki's Twitter: @ateenyalien Kelsey's Twitter: @wokewithkels --- Support this podcast:
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    Ep. 32: Navigating Through The Chaos


    Hello! Welcome back!! In this episode, I talk about how I am navigating through the chaos of the world. I talk about some practices I have been applying to my life in regards to my awareness. I also talk about some stuff that has been on my mind and answer some of your questions! As always you can find me on Twitter: @wokewithkels Insta: @QuestionEverythingPodcast_ --- Support this podcast:
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    Ep. 31: Do We Live In A Simulation? Ft. Nick Hinton


    Hey guys! In this episode I got Nick Hinton to come on and talk about the Saturn Time Cube Simulation theory. Nick Hinton is an Author, Philosopher, Freethinker, and Podcaster. He's an incredible soul with lots of knowledge about potential truths in our reality. We spoke about several different theories and got his opinion on some stuff going on in today's world. As always, question everything and allow your mind to open up to new possibilities! This episode will leave you questioning a lot more than you already have! Thank you all for listening and a huge thank you to Nick for being on! Nick's Socials: @NickHintonn (DM him if you want a copy of his book)  Nick's Podcast: What IFF? Kelsey's Socials: Insta: @QuestionEverythingPodcast_ Twitter: @wokewithkels Tiktok: @kelscortes --- Support this podcast:
  • Question Everything podcast

    Ep. 30: No One Knows What They're Doing Ft. Natty Light


    Hello! In this episode, Natalia and I talk about random topics that have been on our minds about our reality! We also answer some of your questions! I hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for next week's episode with Nick Hinton!  Kelsey's Socials:  Insta: @questioneverythingpodcast_  Twitter: @wokewithkels Luminescent Luna: @ --- Support this podcast:

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