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S1.E13: Exploratory testing

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What is contemporary exploratory testing? Some of us may have heard the buzz around exploratory testing, while others may have missed it. What does ET have to bring to the table in a world with a legacy around scripted test cases? To assist us on this topic, we have a special guest, Maaret Pyhäjärvi. Maaret has several major awards in the testing space, has delivered hundreds of talks, and is a frequent keynote speaker. She lives testing from the inside out and has been improving the field for years. Did you know that with the Xray Exploratory App, teams can perform exploratory testing sessions, take notes, attach evidence, record videos or audio notes, easily report bugs, and in the end, upload results to Jira and track the results and the impacts on the deliverables using Xray? Try the Xray Exploratory App for free:

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