PsychSessions: Conversations about Teaching N' Stuff podcast

PsychSessions: Conversations about Teaching N' Stuff

Garth Neufeld, Eric Landrum

The PsychSessions podcast is co-hosted by Garth Neufeld from Cascadia College and Eric Landrum from Boise State University. We leverage our connections with psychology teachers from all levels (high school, community college, college, university) and individuals from other occupations to have meaningful conversations about what it means to be an educator. Of course, we veer away from the teaching conversation from time to time to hear about origin stories and the personal perspectives of our guests, touching on current events and topics of interest. Our ASKPsychSessions feature is hosted by Marianne Lloyd from Seton Hall University. For ASKPsychSessions, listeners can submit questions about teaching and learning, and Marianne interviews experts and posts short features with the question and answer together. These features are often thematically grouped, such as information about using learning science to improve psychology instruction or various aspects of improving equity, diversity, and inclusion in your course.

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