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  • Psychedelic Salon podcast

    Podcast 672 – Psychedelic Filmmaking


    PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: September 30, 2021 Guest speakers:Clement Hil Goldberg and Charles Costas Today’s podcast is a conversation from the live Psychedelic Salon featuring Clement Hil Goldberg, the writer, director and animator behind the upcoming sci-fi comedy Let Me Let You Go. We talked about how mushrooms can save the world, […]
  • Psychedelic Salon podcast

    Podcast 671 – “Vaping DMT and 4-AcO-DMT


    Support Lorenzo on Patreon – Guest speakers: Patreon Saloners PROGRAM NOTES: This is a recording of one of our recent Live Salons. While we sometimes have guests who bring specific levels of expertise to our salons, most of the time we seem to be able to have in-depth conversations without the “experts”. This was one […]
  • Psychedelic Salon podcast

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  • Psychedelic Salon podcast

    Podcast 670 – War on Drugs Recent Legal Updates


    Support Lorenzo on Guest speaker: Gary Smith PROGRAM NOTES:   Today’s podcast is a recording from the Live Salon on July 12, 2021 where attorney Gary Smith joined us for another update of some of the current legal aspects of the War on Drugs. We also talked about his new book, which is an […]
  • Psychedelic Salon podcast

    Podcast 669 – “An Ethical Drug Dealer”


    Support Lorenzo on PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: April 12, 2021 Guest speaker: Jimi Fritz Today’s program features an audio recording of a recent Live Salon. Our guest was Jimi Fritz who told us about his 50-years of buying, selling, and experimenting with psychedelic drugs while also traveling the world. Based in […]
  • Psychedelic Salon podcast

    Podcast 668 – “Nature Loves Courage”


    Support Lorenzo on PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: April 5, 2021 Guest speaker: Jacques Oliver and Matt Pallamary
  • Psychedelic Salon podcast

    Podcast 667 – “A Conversation with Leonard Pickard”


    Support Lorenzo on PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: April 2021 Guest speaker: Leonard Pickard Today’s Bicycle Day Podcast features a conversation that Leonard Pickard recently had with members of the London Psychedelic Society. After more than 20 years in prison, Leonard now is free to tell us about his prison ordeal and […]
  • Psychedelic Salon podcast

    Podcast 666 – “Winning the War on Drugs”


    Support Lorenzo on PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: March 15, 2021Guest speakers: Jennifer Stell and Alex Karasik Today’s podcast features a conversation that we recently had in the live salon. Our guests were Jennifer Stell and Alex Karasik who are working with the Baystaters for Natural Medicine in Massachusetts. This group came […]
  • Psychedelic Salon podcast

    Podcast 665 – “Psychedelic NFTs”


    Support Lorenzo on PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: March 8, 2021 Guest speakers: Various This is a recording of a conversation that we had on a live salon the other day. It’s about Non-Fungible Tokens, the NFTs that have been making news lately Download MP3 PCs – Right click, select optionMacs – […]
  • Psychedelic Salon podcast

    Podcast 664 – “Leonard Pickard’s Rose of Paracelsus Ch 4”


    Support Lorenzo on PROGRAM NOTES: Guest speakers: Kat Lakey, Alexa Lakey, Julie Holland, Julian Vayne, and Ralf Jeutter Today we continue our reading of Leonard Pickard’s novel, The Rose of Paracelsus. Chapter 4 is read by author and occultist Julian Vayne who was also featured in our introduction to this series. The reading of […]
  • Psychedelic Salon podcast

    Podcast 663 – “The Day After the Insurrection”


    Support Lorenzo on PROGRAM NOTES: Date this live salon was held: January 7, 2021 Guest speakers: Various Today’s podcast features a recording of the live salon that was held on the day after Trump’s Insurrection. Only a few hours had passed since the middle of the night Congressional approval of Joe Biden becoming the […]

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