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PrivacyPod is a podcast about privacy, technology and cookies, GDPR and beyond. Surprisingly unprofessional, seventh-best privacy podcast out there. Come for the privacy news and expert interviews, stay for the memes. Weekly episodes, subscribe on your podcast app to PrivacyPod for episodes in English, TietosuojaPod for episodes in Finnish. Regular cast: ⭐ Floora Kukorelli, ⭐ Hannes Saarinen, ⭐ Heikki Tolvanen, ⭐ Laura Tarhonen, ⭐ Milla Keller, ⭐ Panu Pökkylä, ⭐ Pilvi Alopaeus. Under We also cover the latest privacy news and provide somewhat expert commentary on it. The show is suitable for all people interested in privacy, regardless of level of expertise. We do our best to talk "human" instead of lawyerisms.

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