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Ep.1 The Philosophy of Technique

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Welcome to the brand new Principles of Music Podcast. In our first episode, Bryan explores the subject of technique from a host of different perspectives, including;

  • What technique really is and the musical advantages it affords us
  • The pitfalls associated with technical practice
  • How to develop it in a way that avoids those pitfalls
  • The mindset you should foster when considering technique and technical limitations
  • plus a lot more.

We chiefly demonstrate these concepts as they relate to guitar however every instrument will be able to draw parallels to the ideas discussed here.

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00:00 Intro

00:01:24 Why we want limitless technique?

0014:00 “Technique is like poison” 

00:19:30 The Anti-Technique Fallacy

00:26:00 The Ultimate Goal

00:31:16 Practicing Technique

00:37:20 Alternate Picking is Nothing to Think about

00:45:00 Being Played by The Instrument

00:52:00 Balancing the pursuit of Music and Technique

00:59:30 When Do I Abandon a Technique?

01:06:00 Find the Technique For The Phrase

01:12:00 Is Time an Aspect of Technique?

01:16:30 Linking it to identity and voice

01:20:00 Practicing Licks is the worst thing

01:25:44 Harmonic Scale Practice 

01:34:52 Developing your own style

01:44:30 How do you make the process as efficient as possible 

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