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    Greatest Driver – PA154


    We’re back with an episode covering Greatest Driver, a 2D Formula 1 racer for the MSX2 released in 1988. The game was produced by T&E Soft, a developer and publisher primarily known for golf games in the 90s, Red Alarm for the Virtual Boy and the Hydlide series. Composers Kazunori Hasegawa and Shigeru Tomita bring… Read More » The post Greatest Driver – PA154 first appeared on Pixelated Audio.
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    Pac-Man CE DX – PA153


    Today’s source of great music is the Pac-Man Championship Edition series. This is an audio companion to HG101’s Top47k Games: Episode 420 where we were invited to review Pac-Man CE DX+ with Xerxes and Bobinator! Bandai Namco‘s Pac-Man has been a mainstay for over 40 years and this is Pac-Man with a twist. You have… Read More » The post Pac-Man CE DX – PA153 first appeared on Pixelated Audio.
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  • Pixelated Audio podcast

    Sega System 16 Baseball – PA152


    We’re taking you out to the ball game in this short and fun episode covering music from 3 Sega System 16 baseball games: Major League, Super League and Excite League. It’s late 80s baseball from Japanese arcades, so it’s 2D sprites, digitized samples and YM2151 FM patches all the way down. No composers confirmed but… Read More » The post Sega System 16 Baseball – PA152 first appeared on Pixelated Audio.
  • Pixelated Audio podcast

    F-1 Super Battle – PA151


    F-1 Super Battle is a racing game from 1994 for Jaleco’s Mega System 32 arcade board. It’s notable features are that it still features sprite graphics fairly late for an arcade game, and the upright arcade cabinet is a somewhat unusual egg shape. No composer information in this mini episode, but that doesn’t mean we… Read More » The post F-1 Super Battle – PA151 first appeared on Pixelated Audio.
  • Pixelated Audio podcast

    Street Cleaner with Jesse Bishop – PA150


    Street Cleaner: The Video Game released for PC and Switch in 2021 is a classic 2D side-scroller inspired by NES action games like Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania and Sunsoft’s Batman. It was developed by Creaky Lantern Games, an indie game studio run by Jesse Bishop and Brooks Bishop (no relation). It is a very real game… Read More » The post Street Cleaner with Jesse Bishop – PA150 first appeared on Pixelated Audio.
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    Tom Salta – PA149


    Today’s special guest is Tom Salta, a hugely talented and accomplished artist and producer. He’s worked in film, TV, ads and games for over 30 years and has produced with legends like Bobby Brown, Cher and Peter Gabriel. He’s spent the last 20 years working in games including Cold Fear and Red Steel and some… Read More » The post Tom Salta – PA149 first appeared on Pixelated Audio.
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    VGM Arrangements – PA148


    Today we have Nick Marinelli joining us, former head of MAGFest and longtime VGM aficionado. The focus of the show is on the development and history of the VGM community, from its awkward adolescence to the large and growing movement that it is today, which we are very happy to be a part of. Nick… Read More » The post VGM Arrangements – PA148 first appeared on Pixelated Audio.
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    HG101 with Xerxes – PA147


    On today’s episode we’re joined by Rob aka Xerxes of Hardcore Gaming 101’s “Top 47k Games” podcast. We talk about his background, how the podcast is made, the excellent resource Hardcore Gaming 101, along with our usual jovial banter. Rob brings us a selection of fantastic deep cuts of early to mid 90s Japanese VGM… Read More » The post HG101 with Xerxes – PA147 first appeared on Pixelated Audio.
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    Heart Heat Girls – PA146


    Heart Heat Girls is a lightly adult-oriented Japanese adventure game released for the PC-98 in December of 1993 by the company Panda House under their Cat’s Pro label. Heart Heat Girls or H.H.G. is set in a futuristic world where humans and androids are at war. A specialized police force known as ACP (“Anti Criminal-cyborg… Read More » The post Heart Heat Girls – PA146 first appeared on Pixelated Audio.
  • Pixelated Audio podcast

    Expansion Pack XXVII – PA145


    It’s been a while since our last expansion pack, and the first of 2021. It’s a relaxed show with a selection of 6 deep cuts but the music is great as always. Correction: The name of the writer was actually Miyazawa Kenji not Ihatovo. Track List: 0:00:00 Tobituki-hime – Stage 3 – MAGICAL AMBER – (PC)… Read More » The post Expansion Pack XXVII – PA145 first appeared on Pixelated Audio.

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