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S5E17 - 5 Steps To Master Your Mindset With Dr. Johnny Parker

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This episode is brought to you by ⁠⁠⁠⁠Leadfeeder⁠⁠⁠⁠. With ⁠Leadfeeder⁠, you can find out which companies are visiting your site and turn them into valuable leads for your business. Building a business isn’t easy and if you don’t get your mindset right, you can end up quitting something that could have made a big IMPACT on others and a lot of money for you. My next guest has been a leadership coach for over 30 years serving executives and professional athletes. In this episode, he breaks down a 5-STEP PROCESS on how to master your mindset so you don’t give up on goals that can generate series results. Please welcome, Johnny Parker.

Key Timecodes

  • (00:44) - Show intro and background history
  • (03:46) - Deeper into his background history
  • (06:38) - A practical advice about his entrepreneur vision
  • (11:11) - Commercial break (Leadfeeder)
  • (11:48) - Transparency as the key do impact businesses
  • (19:03) - The importance of a growth mindset
  • (24:00) - Life x work rhythm
  • (32:24) - Embrace a cause or a story to get a focused business
  • (34:33) - Commercial break (TYKR)
  • (35:20) - The importance of a letting go mentality
  • (36:242 - A key takeaway from the guest
  • (41:27) - Guest contacts

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