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S5E15 - Mindset Tactics for Business Breakthroughs with Erin Diehl

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What does improv comedy have to do with business? Believe it or not, more than you think. My next guest used improv to not only increase sales but she also used improv to level up her mindset. In this episode, we walk through examples using me as the case study. If you want to achieve bigger results with your business, believe it or not, it starts with mindset. Please welcome, Erin Diehl. Key Timecodes

  • (00:40) - Show intro and background history
  • (07:23) - How she apply improv to help companies
  • (13:43) - Deeper into his business  strategies
  • (17:03) - Commercial break (Leadfeeder)
  • (17:40) - Few takeaways from her book  
  • (19:41) - A practice example of her approach
  • (24:31) - Why most of our thoughts are negative
  • (26:11) - How to break this mindset
  • (33:11) - Feeling free in life as a way of unlocking
  • (35:52) - The importance of reading as a freedom activity
  • (39:26) - Commercial break (TYKR)
  • (50:14) - Guest contacts

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