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with Sam Ramji

We all know the future of software is “cloud-native.” How did we get here? What’s coming next? Join Sam Ramji and become part of this growing community of friends. Let's go far together.

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  • Open||Source||Data podcast

    Embeddings, Feature stores, and MLOps with Simba Khadder


    Join CEO of Featureform, Simba Khadder as he talks with Sam about how versioning, immutability, and sharing will accelerate ML workflows. Tune-in on state of the art collaboration in data teams, and the power of focusing on your north star. See for privacy information.
  • Open||Source||Data podcast

    Abundance, Metadata, and Automation with Mark Grover


    How can we make data 10X more accessible for data-driven people within data-driven companies? Tune in to Mark and Sam discussing probabilistic product management, and the emerging metadata ecosystem. See for privacy information.
  • Open||Source||Data podcast

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  • Open||Source||Data podcast

    Metadata, Communities, and Architecture with Shirshanka Das


    How can we evolve an expanding ecosystem of data technologies while making sense of the whole? Tune in to LinkedIn DataHub, and Acryl Data founder, Shirshanka Das, as he and Sam have a discussion on metadata at the center and specialization at the edge to sustainably scale data governance. See for privacy information.
  • Open||Source||Data podcast

    Data Management Pain Points and Future Solutions for Data Discovery


    Data discovery is one of the hardest problems to solve in data management in general and comes up as a major pain point in most data mesh discussions. Tune in to this all-star expert panel recorded in collaboration with the Data Mesh community, and hosted by a previous Open||Source||Data podcast guest, Paco Nathan of Paco engages panelists, Shinji Kim (Select Star), Sophie Watson (Red Hat), Mark Grover (Stemma), and Shirshanka Das (Acryl Data) in a 60-minute discussion on not only Data Mesh, but other data strategies and process needs for the data discovery future. See for privacy information.
  • Open||Source||Data podcast

    ModelOps, ML Monitoring, and Busy Humans with Elena Samuylova


    It’s 2 AM - do you know what your models are doing? Listen to Elena Samuylova as she talks to us about how to bridge the critical gaps between data scientists, engineers, and business managers using tooling and empathy. See for privacy information.
  • Open||Source||Data podcast

    Cloud-Native, Open-Source, and Collaborative with Eric Brewer and Melody Meckfessel


    Google Fellow & VP of Infrastructure Eric Brewer, Observable CEO Melody Meckfessel, and DataStax Chief Strategy Officer Sam Ramji explore the state of the art, the near future, and grand challenges for the next decade in cloud-native data. See for privacy information.
  • Open||Source||Data podcast

    MLOps, AIOps, and Data Startups with Jocelyn Goldfein


    Dealing with data hyperabundance, solving economic problems for businesses and changing lives for the better. Tune-in to Managing Director at Zetta Venture Partners, Jocelyn Goldfein as she and Sam have a discussion around engineering leadership, organizational graph structures, and productization of AI. See for privacy information.
  • Open||Source||Data podcast

    Git-Like Branch and Merge for Data with Einat Orr


    What if you could version object storage just like code? Tune in to Einat Orr as she explains how CI/CD and data lineage are being transformed through versioning data, enabling sandboxes, safe rollbacks, and coherent history. See for privacy information.
  • Open||Source||Data podcast

    Data Discoverability, Products, and User Diversity with Shinji Kim


    Learn how an accelerating abundance of data can be harnessed through telemetry. Tune-in while Shinji Kim and Sam explore opening data to more users, PageRank for tables, and pragmatic use of data lineage to find value. See for privacy information.
  • Open||Source||Data podcast

    Data Observability, Customer-Led Growth, and Confidence with Barr Moses


    Barr Moses discusses with Sam about bringing DevOps into Data Engineering, building a data startup, and letting joy guide your way to creating impact. Learn how being data-driven depends on systems of people and trust. See for privacy information.

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