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    We've Got Rhythms (Special Podcast of show #3960)


    Listen to rhythmic music, whether for percussion, string quartet or vocal duet for this New Sounds. Hear works from percussionist Ian David Rosenbaum, Kelly Moran, and the Jasper String Quartet, and a vocal duet from Meredith Monk and Robert Een. From the recent record, Unbound, by the Jasper String Quartet, hear a non-stop motoring work by Judd Greenstein, “Four on the Floor.” Usually the term applies to thumping dance-club bangers, but in this work, pairs of instruments work “with and against each other, until they settle their differences and combine into a shared groove,” according to the composer. Hear music with rhythmic intensity, for prepared piano, with and without electronics from Kelly Moran, and her record, Bloodroot, which is where minimalism and black metal collide. Then, listen to music from Hauschka, who layers player piano with prepared piano. Also, listen to Inuit-style breathing games from Meredith Monk and cellist/vocalist Robert Een, from her long-form work, "Facing North," inspired by the Canadian wilderness.  Then, listen to increasingly tricky and complex rhythms in a work by David Crowell for percussionist Ian David Rosenbaum. Plus, hear a work –"Redwood"- involving saxophone and interlocking guitar parts from Empyrean Atlas, the band of composer/multi-instrumentalist David Crowell. And more.  PROGRAM #3960, We've Got Rhythms (First Aired: 3/15/2017)   ARTIST: Ian David RosenbaumWORK: David Crowell: Celestial Sphere, excerpt [1:00]RECORDING: Memory PalaceSOURCE: Vision Into ArtINFO: ARTIST: Jasper String QuartetWORK: Judd Greenstein: Four on the Floor [10:45]RECORDING: UnboundSOURCE: Sono Luminus/New AmsterdamINFO: ARTIST: Kelly MoranWORK: Celandine [3:06]RECORDING: BloodrootSOURCE: Telegraph Harp TH 011INFO: ARTIST: HauschkaWORK: Constant Growth Fails [4:08]RECORDING: What IfSOURCE: Temporary Residence RecordsINFO: ARTIST: Christian Frederickson, Jason Noble, Ryan RumeryWORK: To Be One Of Them [1:00]RECORDING: The Painted Bird: AmidstSOURCE/INFO: ARTIST: Ian David RosenbaumWORK: David Crowell: Celestial Sphere [9:50]RECORDING: Memory PalaceSOURCE: Vision Into ArtINFO: ARTIST: Empyrean AtlasWORK: Redwood  [5:11]RECORDING: Empyrean AtlasSOURCE/INFO: ARTIST: Christian Frederickson, Jason Noble, Ryan RumeryWORK: To Be One Of Them [1:00]RECORDING: The Painted Bird: AmidstSOURCE/INFO: ARTIST: Bang on a Can All-StarsWORK: Michael Gordon: Gene Takes a Drink [5:57]RECORDING: Field RecordingsSOURCE: Cantaloupe MusicINFO: ARTIST: Meredith Monk & Robert EenWORK: Keeping Warm & Arctic Bar [8:45]RECORDING: Facing NorthSOURCE: ECM #1482 INFO:
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    August & September 2017 New Releases (Special Podcast)


    Hear prog-marching band music from Chicago's Mucca Pazza, ambient-gothic Norwegian-Icelandic music from the duo Jo Berger Myhre & Ólafur Björn Ólafsson, jazz-tronic ambient minimalism from London's Portico Quartet, and new work from Danish experimental supergroup Girls in Airports. Also, hear new music by Molly Joyce for cellist Nick Photinos, new work from Kaki King & the Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra, and more. Hear ambient-gothic music from Norwegian bassist Jo Berger Myhre and Icelandic drummer Ólafur Björn Ólafsson  in their composed work, “1000%,” which was recorded in an abandoned Reykjavik warehouse.  Also, listen to driving indie jazz from the Danish experimental ensemble, Girls in Airport, recorded live in Germany. Plus, hear a sample from Brooklyn's own Afrobeat big band, Antibalas.  There’s a new release from Chicago’s “interdisciplinary instrumental music and performance ensemble” – or circus-spectacle alt marching band, Mucca Pazza. It’s a bit proggy (Yes, Weather Report, Rush) and perhaps hard to march to, but “[t]he band spent eight years practicing counting to seven before they were ready to record this piece.” There’s also a new work by Terry Riley for Del Sol String Quartet, “Dark Queen Mantra,” featuring guitarist Gyan Riley. Plus listen to music by Kaki King - arranged for guitar and orchestra from her forthcoming Live At Berklee release. Listen to music from Eighth Blackbird founding cellist Nick Photinos; it’s a work by Molly Joyce, originally for for baroque cello and pre-recorded electronics, called “Sit and Dance.” Also, there’s music from London-based composer & producer Leah Kardos, which was made using analogue instruments and technologies, from her record, Rococochet. August & September 2017 New Releases (Special Podcast)(Similar to Show #4018, airdate: 8/31/2017)    ARTIST: Jo Berger Myhre & Ólafur Björn ÓlafssonWORK: 1000%, excerpt [1:00]RECORDING: The Third ScriptSOURCE: Hubro MusicINFO: ARTIST: Mucca PazzaWORK: Andy Deitrich: Barbarous Relic [3:30] RECORDING: Barbarous RelicSOURCE/INFO: ARTIST: Leah KardosWORK: Malio Malio [2:35]RECORDING: RococochetSOURCE: Bigo & TwigettiINFO: ARTIST: Portico QuartetWORK: Current History [6:07] RECORDING: Art In The Age Of AutomationSOURCE: Gondwana RecordsINFO: ARTIST: AntibalasWORK: Gold Rush, excerpt [1:30]RECORDING: Live on Soundcheck, 9/15/17 SOURCE: This tune appears on Where the Gods are in PeaceINFO: ARTIST: Jo Berger Myhre & Ólafur Björn ÓlafssonWORK: 1000%  [6:42]RECORDING: The Third ScriptSOURCE: Hubro MusicINFO: ARTIST: Girls in AirportsWORK: King's Birthday [3:28]RECORDING: LiveSOURCE: Edition Records EDN1097INFO: ARTIST: Nick PhotinosWORK: Molly Joyce: Sit and Dance [6:34] RECORDING: Petits ArtefactsSOURCE: New Amsterdam RecordsINFO: ARTIST: Del Sol String Quartet, Gyan RileyWORK: Terry Riley: III. Dark Queen Mantra [11:49] RECORDING: Dark Queen MantraSOURCE: Sono Luminus 92215INFO: ARTIST: Kaki King, Porta Girevole Chamber Orchestra, Gabriela Sofia Gomez Estevez, student conductorWORK:  Magazine [5:30]RECORDING: Live At BerkleeSOURCE: BIRN Cooperative RecordingsINFO:
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    Classical Instruments, Contemporary Sounds (Special Podcast)


    Hear music that begins with classical instruments, like the string quartet, piano, or an orchestra, but which is then augmented, enhanced by electronics, percussion, or preparation. Listen to works by English violinist, pianist, and composer Poppy Ackroyd, Netherlands-based composer Peter Adriaansz, and cinematic music from the augmented string quartet amiina. The versatile Dutch pianist Saskia Lankhoorn plays a specially-prepared piano over a bed of droning sine tones in a work by Seattle-born, Netherlands-based Peter Adriaansz, “Attachments III.” Then, hear music by the Icelandic outfit, amiina, which was once the touring string quartet with Sigur Ros, and has now expanded to include percussion & electronics. From amiina, hear selections from their standalone original live score to the 1913 film Fantômas, that lord of terror, creator of fear, and genius of evil who initially came to live in the crime fictions of French writers. Then, listen to "Rave," music for piano and pre-recorded electronics by Molly Joyce for longtime friend and collaborator, pianist Vicky Chow from her record, Aorta. Also, hear music for percussion and electronics by John Luther Adams, featuring Glenn Kotche, from the long-form work, Ilimaq. Plus, listen to grand music for amplified orchestra by English composer Andrew Poppy from a record released on ZTT Records in the mid-eighties. PROGRAM #3927,  classical instruments, contemporary sounds  (First Aired 12-8-2016)         ARTIST: Andrew PoppyWORK: 32 Frames for Amplified Orchestra, excerpt [1:00]RECORDING: The Artefact SeriesSOURCE: ZTT Records 186INFO:   ARTIST: Saskia Lankhoorn, pianoWORK: Peter Adriaansz: Attachments III [7:52]RECORDING: EnclosuresSOURCE: Ergodos ER 25INFO: ARTIST: Poppy AckroydWORK: Birdwoman [5:36]RECORDING: FeathersSOURCE: Denovali RecordsINFO: ARTIST: George Hurd EnsembleWORK: Tethering Bird, excerpt [:38]RECORDING: Navigation Without NumbersSOURCE: Innova 937INFO: ARTIST: AmiinaWORK: Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson: Crocodile [5:39]RECORDING: FantômasSOURCE/INFO: ARTIST: Andrew PoppyWORK: 32 Frames for Amplified Orchestra [8:39]RECORDING: The Artefact SeriesSOURCE: ZTT Records 186INFO:   ARTIST: AmiinaWORK: Solrun Sumarlidadottir: Café [3:25]RECORDING: FantômasSOURCE/INFO: ARTIST: RestroyWORK: Skin, excerpt [:46]RECORDING: Saturn ReturnSOURCE: Milk Factory Productions INFO: ARTIST: Vicky ChowWORK: Molly Joyce: Rave [11:17]RECORDING: Aorta SOURCE: NWAM083INFO: ARTIST:  John Luther Adams & Glenn KotcheWORK: John Luther Adams: Ilimaq , Ascension [3:06]RECORDING: IlimaqSOURCE: Cantaloupe Music 21112INFO:
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    #3928: With Guitarist Shane Parish (Special Podcast)


    Guitarist and educator Shane Parish is a sonic adventurer, perhaps best known as the mastermind behind the Asheville, North Carolina-based avant instrumental jazz-mathpunk band Ahleuchatistas, formerly a quartet, now a duo. Besides the jazz and mathrock, their musical stew also includes elements Chinese folk music, minimalism, and lots of other stuff. But Parish has just released a solo record of “weird old Americana” entitled Undertaker, Please Drive Slow on John Zorn's Tzadik label, recorded in an old cabin in the woods. He joins John live in the studio to perform some of them on acoustic guitar. Parish has taken these old timey songs, and “abstracted them in utterly fascinating ways, evoking the haunting and brooding world of the American South” writes John Zorn. Comparisons wouldn’t be out of place to American Primitive guitarists like John Fahey or Robbie Basho, but in the spaces that Parish creates, one might also think of Morton Feldman. In Parish’s ever-evolving reworkings of these folky blues tunes, the songs straddle keys; he’s not content to remain firmly in one or the other. Then, on a song like Geeshie Wiley’s “The Last Kind Words,” Parish takes the vocal melody and makes it more abstract, turning it into a prepared guitar percussion piece in a John Cage way, via paper clips and a slide. Shane Parish's prepared guitar (John Schaefer/WNYC)   PROGRAM #3928,  With Shane Parish  (First Aired 12-12-2016)         ARTIST: AhleuchatistasWORK: Requiem for the Sea [6:46]RECORDING: Heads Full of PoisonSOURCE: Cuneiform RecordsINFO: ARTIST: Shane ParishWORK: Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground (Blind Willie Johnson) [4:29]RECORDING: Live, WNYC Studio, Dec. 2016SOURCE: This performance not commercially available. INFO: Appears on Undertaker, Please Drive Slow, out now on Tzadik Records 4016 ARTIST: Shane ParishWORK: Oh Death [3:45]RECORDING: Undertaker, Please Drive SlowSOURCE: Tzadik Records 4016INFO: ARTIST: Shane ParishWORK: The Maid Freed From the Gallows [7:04], The Last Kind Words (Geeshie Wiley) [5:25]RECORDING: Live, WNYC Studio, Dec. 2016SOURCE: his performance not commercially available. INFO: Appears on Undertaker, Please Drive Slow, out now on Tzadik Records 4016 ARTIST: Tim SparksWORK: I’ll Fly Away [5:37]RECORDING: Chasin’ the BoogieSOURCE: Tonewood INFO:
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    #3912: With Zakir Hussain & Niladri Kumar (Special Podcast)


    “Indian music does not stop and start with Ravi Shankar.” So says tabla master Zakir Hussain, who, along with young sitar virtuoso, Niladri Kumar, joins John in the studio for a live performance.   Zakir Hussain, son of Ustad Alla Rahka, isn’t just a genius Indian tabla player and composer, as well as a virtuoso improviser - he is, bar none, one of the world’s great percussionists working in many genres. Zakir is a global citizen open to all kinds of collaborations, playing with everyone from George Harrison to the Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, from John McLaughlin's Shakti and Yo Yo Ma's Silk Road Project; he’s laid down beats for Scottish fiddlers Charlie McKerron (Capercaillie) and Patsy Reid (formerly of Breabach), and performed and recorded with scores of Indian classical musicians. Then, there was the recording by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leonard Slatkin of a triple concerto featuring fellow soloists Bela Fleck and Edgar Meyer, along with Zakir Hussain’s own showcases of otherworldly drum wizards, the Masters of Percussion.  Now, Niladri Kumar, who made his first public performance at the age of 6, comes from a long line of sitar players -which goes some five generations back; his father was Pandit Kartik Kumar. Niladri also did recording sessions for Hindi films from a very young age, and happens to be in a band called Sitar Funk, a global fusion of Hindi film music, Indian classical, and Western music. He’s even gone electric, creating an invention called the Zitar, a combination of sitar and guitar. It has fewer strings (5 instead of 20) with an electric pickup inside, so that Niladri can get a rock guitar sound out of it. OH – and he plays chords on the sitar. Niladri Kumar has been part of the Masters of Percussion tour, and this is his second duo tour with Zakir Hussain. Niladri Kumar and Zakir Hussain perform a radio-friendly (short) Raga Charukeshi, for Rupak Tal (a seven beat rhythmic cycle) and Raga Bhairavi in Teental (16 beats.)  Not to gush, but Zakir Hussain can communicate in so many languages – Persian, Gujarati, German, English- that it’s no wonder that he is also versed in many musical languages – like being able to speak jazz or Afro-Cuban rhythms, Nigerian talking drums, or Indonesian gamelan.  To him, improvising is like speaking that language. (Perhaps for percussion nerds,) Zakir also treats us to a spoken drum conversation, or “reciting the Bols” – the syllables that correspond to the strokes of the tabla- like “Dha ti ra ki ta” and “na ga dhin na dhin na gin na.” 
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    #3893: With Guitarist Guy Buttery (Special Podcast)


    South African guitarist Guy Buttery visits the studio to perform music from his latest self-titled record. Hear virtuosic feats of bending, tapping, picking, harmonics, and other techniques and textures yet to be named for guitar. Dig into his latest record on which he has collaborated with South African musicians Vusi Mahlasela, kora-to-guitar wizard Derek Gripper, and blues guitarist Dan Patlansky, along with a piece for sarangi and mbira – “From Srinagar.”  More pictures from the session here:  Guy Buttery plays a custom-made Casimi guitar, a “piano that fits in a guitar case,” made of very dense & heavy African blackwood, and sporting double carbon-fiber truss rods to handle the bending of the neck.  Plus, music from the late Malian guitarist and griot Tiécoro Sissoko, who played for many years as a sideman with Toumani Diabate in Bamako.  Listen to the title track from his only recording, “Keme Borama.”  PROGRAM #3893, With Guy Buttery (First Aired 8-30-2016)       ARTIST: Guy Buttery with Piers FacciniWORK: The Upper Reaches [5:09]RECORDING:  Guy ButterySOURCE/INFO: ARTIST: Guy ButteryWORK: A Piece for Rudolf Fritsch [5:20]RECORDING: Live, WNYC 8/25/16SOURCE: This performance not commercially available. INFO: A version with William Ackerman is available at ARTIST: Guy ButteryWORK: From Srinagar [3:32],  To Goulimine [feat. Dan Patlansky] [03:05]RECORDING:  Guy Buttery SOURCE/INFO: ARTIST: Guy ButteryWORK: Verbosity [4:00]RECORDING: Live, WNYC 8/25/16SOURCE: This performance not commercially available. INFO: The studio version is available at ARTIST: Guy ButteryWORK: Two Chords & The Truth [feat. Derek Gripper] [3:40]RECORDING:  Guy Buttery SOURCE/INFO: ARTIST: Guy ButteryWORK: Werner Meets Egberto in Manaus [5:17]RECORDING: Live, WNYC 8/25/16SOURCE: This performance not commercially available. INFO: A version featuring Vusi Mahlasela is available at ARTIST: Tiécoro SissokoWORK: Keme Borama [4:38]RECORDING: Keme BoramaSOURCE: KSK Records CD 013INFO:  
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    New Music from Ireland Part 3 (Special Podcast)


    This episode continues the series exploring the new music of Ireland. John Schaefer sits down with Jonathan Nangle at the Contemporary Music Centre in Dublin. Nangle tells how Donnacha Dennehy influenced him to explore more experimental music, and then shares how electronics and silence factor into his compositions. Listen to how Nangle uses electronics to subtly augment conventional instrumentation on "Where distant city lights flicker on half-frozen ponds". Hear Nangle explain how his piece "Then Falls by Shadow" takes the inspiration of Irish weather to combine shuffle mode with a choral performance. Later in the hour, John Schaefer talks to David Bremner about his own compositions and playing the pipe organ at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. Hear Bremner's piercing organ compositions "Variations upon 'the usual reason'" and "Amhrán na Leabhar." PROGRAM #3715 New Music from Ireland: Part 3 (First aired on 4/17/2015)   ARTIST(S) RECORDING CUT(S) SOURCE Kate Ellis Jump Donnacha Dennehy: Aisling Gheal [2:09] Diatribe Records Jonathan Nangle Self-released DIY Aeolian Harp [:39] Soundcloud Jonathan Nangle new music::new Ireland 2 Where distant city lights flicker on half-frozen ponds [excerpt 1] [2:14] CMC Ireland Jonathan Nangle new music::new Ireland 2 Where distant city lights flicker on half-frozen ponds [excerpt 2] [4:47] See Above Ergodos Musicians I Call To You Jonathan Nangle: Ich ruf' zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ  [2:22] Ergodos Records Jonathan Nangle Commissioned for Dublin SoundLab untitled (after Dan Flavin) [1:42] Soundcloud Jonathan Nangle Commisioned by David Bremner and Elizabeth Hilliard Then Falls thy Shadow [:51] Soundcloud Jonathan Nangle Contermporaty Music from Ireland, Volume Nine Our headlights blew softly into the black illuminating very little [5:21] CMC Ireland – CMC CD09 Contemporary Music Centre Jonathan Nangle & David Bremner Ergodos 2009 'Off-Grid' Festival Untitled improvisation [1:25] Soundcloud David Bremner Contemporary Music from Ireland, Volume 2 Variations upon ‘the usual reason’ [4:40] CMC Ireland David Bremner L’Air Du Temps Amhrán na Leabhar [2:49] Soundcloud
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    Various Electroacoustic Music (Special Podcast)


    Hear music by Australian-born, London-based electroacoustic musician & sound artist Leah Kardos along with music by Irish woodwind player and composer Seán Mac Erlaine, as well as other electroacoustic music on this New Sounds. Listen to several works by Kardos from a sampler released in 2014, including her work, “Butterfly Kite,”written for easy piano + delay/verb effects. Then hear improvised woodwind and electronic sounds from a series of live recordings by the Dublin musician, Seán Mac Erlaine. From his, “A Slender Song,” hear music for clarinets of all sorts and sizes, manipulated by electronics. Then, hear music from a dance score by London-based composer Jon Opstad, who also did the music for the provocative British episodic series, “Black Mirror.” Listen to music from cellist Julia Kent with loops and delays from the recent record, “Character.”  German theremin player Carolina Eyck improvises on the low end together with pianist Christopher Tarnow. Then,hear music from NY-based singer GABI, who layers and processes her voice a la Juliana Barwick. (Caution: her work, "Where," might remind you of “The Rains of Castamere.”) PROGRAM #3706–Various Forms of Electro-acoustic Music (First aired on 03/24/2015)              ARTIST(S) RECORDING CUT(S) SOURCE Carolina Eyck & Christopher Tarnow Improvisations for Theremin and Piano Haunted Ballerina, excerpt [1:00] Butterscotch Leah Kardos Spring 2014 Sampler Butterfly Kite [3:15] Jon Opstad Ignis Ignis, Part III [2:55] Ignis, part IV [5:51] OR soundcloud OR Seán Mac Erlaine A Slender Song All sung a Slender Song [3:29] Leah Kardos Spring 2014 Sampler Preen [3:19] See above. GABI Sympathy Where [3:43] Due out April 7, 2015 Carolina Eyck & Christopher Tarnow Improvisations for Theremin and Piano Haunted Ballerina [5:58] Butterscotch Leah Kardos Spring 2014 Sampler Memory Machine [3:01] See above. Bing & Ruth Tomorrow was the Golden Age The Towns We Love Is Our Town [6:34] RVNGNL27 Julia Kent Character Transportation [4:39] Leaf Music BAY 80 Seán Mac Erlaine A Slender Song Sheehy [3:52] See above.
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    With Missy Mazzoli (Special Podcast)


    Composer, keyboardist and bandleader, Missy Mazzoli, joins John Schaefer to introduce selections from her new recording, “Vespers for a New Dark Age.” The work, commissioned by Carnegie Hall for the 2014 Ecstatic Music Festival, is a 30-minute suite for singers, chamber ensemble and electronics, and is built around text, both spiritual and worldly, by contemporary poet Matthew Zapruder. Mazzoli wrote for the very specific voices of sopranos Martha Cluver, Melissa Hughes and alto Virginia Warnken Kelsey, who all have a lot of experience with contemporary music but also early and Baroque music. Her ensemble Victoire provides dramatic settings while drummer Glenn Kotche (perhaps best known for his work in Wilco) propels the work percussively.  Plus, hear selections from Phil Kline’s millennial mass “John the Revelator,” written for the early/new music vocal group Lionheart and the quartet ETHEL. PROGRAM #3709 with Missy Mazzoli (First aired on 3/30/2015)   ARTIST(S) RECORDING CUT(S) SOURCE DURATION Roomful of Teeth Render Missy Mazzoli: Vesper Sparrow, excerpt Due out April 28, 2015 New Amsterdam Records - #NWAM 065 1:00 Missy Mazzoli & Victoire Vespers for a New Dark Age I. Wayward Free Radical Dreams New Amsterdam Records - #NWAM 062 5:09 Missy Mazzoli & Victoire, feat. Martha Cluver & Glenn Kotche Vespers for a New Dark Age II. Hello Lord See above. 2:27 Missy Mazzoli & Victoire, feat. Melissa Hughes, Virginia Warnken Kelsey, Martha Cluver & Glenn Kotche Vespers for a New Dark Age IV. Come On All You See above. 5:35 Missy Mazzoli & Victoire Vespers for a New Dark Age V. New Dark Age See above. 2:40 Missy Mazzoli & Victoire Vespers for a New Dark Age VII. Machine See above. 4:47 Missy Mazzoli & Victoire Vespers for a New Dark Age VIII. Postlude See above. 4:35 Phil Kline (performed by Lionheart & ETHEL) John the Revelator The Man Who Knows Misery Cantaloupe 21047 2:44 Phil Kline (performed by Lionheart & ETHEL) ETHEL John the Revelator Dark Was the Night See above. 5:50
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    Gamelan Plus (Special Podcast)


    Listen to works that include gamelan, but take a more western approach for this New Sounds - like combining Celtic traditional music and Indonesian gamelan in music from Gamelan Son of Lion and composer/sax player and bagpiper Matthew Welch. In the music of Barbara Benary, the co-founder and guiding spirit of Gamelan Son of Lion, there is a juxtaposition of Cape Breton Celtic singing, gamelan and Benary herself on violin. Also, hear the Celtic-Balinese tapestry of Matthew Welch’s chamber rock hybrid Blarvuster with its Scottish bagpipes, Balinese gamelan, and Welch’s vocalizing in Indonesian. Plus, Lou Harrison’s "Threnody for Carlos Chavez," written for viola and gamelan ensemble, and music from NYC-based Patrick Grant, who serves his post-minimalism with a twist of Rock and Balinese gamelan. That, and more. PROGRAM #3691 Gamelan Plus (First aired on 2/3/2015)   ARTIST(S) RECORDING CUT(S) SOURCE Gamelan Son of Lion Sonogram John Morton: She (really) Had To Go [9:23] Innova 718 Patrick Grant Patrick Grant Fields Amaze [8:35] Available at Gamelan Son of Lion Sonogram Barbara Benary: Jigalullaby [8:23] Innova 718 Matthew Welch  & Blarvuster Blarvuster Canntaireachd Masolah I [6:23] Tzadik 8077 Lou Harrison Drums Along The Pacific Threnody for Carlos Chavez [8:00] New Albion #122 Out of print, but available as a download via Amazon  Bill Alves (performed by Susan Jensen, violin; The HMC American Gamelan) Mystic Canyon Mystic Canyon for Violin and Gamelan [5:20] MicroFest Records Amazon

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