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Nature of Things

John Weeks

WRVO presents an archived edition of the popular weekly essay, The Nature of Things, from Naturalist John Weeks.This re-issue of the Nature of Things is available as a podcast. You can download episodes individually to listen to or subscribe to the podcast.John Weeks was born on August 21, 1924, on a little farm in West Webster, NY. His father was a commercial artist, his mother a writer and reciter of dialect essays. His early interest in nature was fostered by his parents, his 5 siblings and his teachers. Over the years, John helped create several nature centers in upstate New York. John Weeks passed away in March 2021.

20 Episódios

  • Nature of Things podcast

    The Brotherhood of Animals


    In this episode from July 23, 1993 John Weeks takes a break from doting on flowers and birds to address the mysterious private lives of mammals in nature.
  • Nature of Things podcast

    Before The Bird Chorus Runs Out Of Breath


    In this episode from July 1, 1993, John Weeks urges listeners to visit Rice Creek Field Station at sunrise to hear its' woodland symphony.
  • Nature of Things podcast

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  • Nature of Things podcast

    Defining the Real Issues


    In this episode originally aired, June 17, 1993, John Weeks discusses the effects television can have on the perception of nature. Humans have a biological kinship to the environment, oxygen production, carbon dioxide consumption and the water cycle, according to Weeks. Listen as he explains ways to avoid being cheated out of the uncut version of natures' wildlife.
  • Nature of Things podcast

    Back to the Fields


    Nearly 40 years ago John Weeks changed his ways as a floral bigot and decided to view weeds equal in beauty and purpose to noninvasive plants. This episode, originally aired June 4, 1993, addresses the importance of weeds to natures' ecosystems.
  • Nature of Things podcast

    An Episode and An Opportunity


    In this episode from May 31, 1991, John Weeks observes a raccoon in Baltimore Woods and makes an exciting announcement regarding Rice Creek Field Station.
  • Nature of Things podcast

    Jim Anderson: 'Amateur Birder Par Excellence


    Jim Anderson pays a visit to John Weeks in this episode from May 27, 1988, and the two discuss birding. Anderson shares recommendations for beginners and the importance of a decent pair of binoculars.
  • Nature of Things podcast

    The 'Creepy Crawlies' of Rice Creek


    During a three week workshop with Diane Jackson and 15 fourth graders, John Weeks worked to collect flatworms, crustaceans and insects to teach the children about central New York’s aquatic life. In this episode from May 24, 1991, Weeks reflects on what they learned.
  • Nature of Things podcast

    What We're Doing to Our Environment Threatens Our Survival


    Flourishing green pastures have been transformed by towns and neighborhoods into swampy inhabitable forests. In this episode from May 21, 1992, John Weeks shares his experience returning wetlands to their natural state.
  • Nature of Things podcast

    What's New at the Zoo with Jim Aiello, Former Curator of Education at Burnett Park Zoo


    The former curator of education at Burnett Park Zoo, Jim Aiello, talks with John Weeks about upcoming events and new birth taking place at the Zoo. This episode is from May 20, 1988.
  • Nature of Things podcast

    Advice From High School


    In this episode from May 14, 1992, John Weeks questions the power wielded by those whose jobs are saved through sloppy environmental controls. Weeks remains optimistic though, after interacting with local students.

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