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How to Support Your Middle Schooler Navigate Cliques,Friendships and the Weird Stuff with Jessica Speer

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Yes, there are cool things about middle school, like more independence, new friends, and new activities. But there’s plenty of hard stuff too, like cliques, harsh judgment, the whole “popularity” thing, and, of course, drama.

Today my special guest is Jessica Speer. Jessica is an award-winning author of books for kids and teens. She blends science, and stories, and unpacks tricky stuff that surfaces during childhood and adolescence. She has a master’s degree in social sciences and explores topics in ways that connect with kids.

We discuss some of the important topics facing middle schoolers today that are covered in her latest book Middle School―Safety Goggles Advised: Exploring the Weird Stuff from Gossip to Grades, Cliques to Crushes, and Popularity to Peer Pressure. 

We discuss the tween/teen social dynamics and development. 

Let’s dive in. 

Jessica shares:

  • Why middle school is such a tricky time for so many kids - boys and girls. 
  • What is happening socially that can tend to make the tween and teen years particularly difficult socially to navigate? 
  • What some of the repeated themes are that middle schoolers face today.
  • Why changing friendships are so common in middle school, and how parents can support their kids during this time. 
  • What she learned while interviewing middle schoolers about conflict and aggressive behavior. 
  • Advice for moms that have a struggling middle schooler.  


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