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How to Support Our Teen Sons and Young Adults, Interview with Tim Williams

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Tim Williams is the host of the podcast “Thrivehood.” His podcast offers a relevant life roadmap for boys and young men by providing them with practical advice, relatable stories, and a sense of community. 

Also known as “Uncle Tim,” he provides seasoned wisdom sprinkled with offbeat humor as he provides advice on goal-setting, time management, and overcoming limiting beliefs. 

Let’s dive in. 

What you will learn:

  • Why is there so little support available for teen/tween boys?
  • What kinds of topics are covered on the Thrivehood podcast? 
  • What do moms need to know about their son’s adolescent years? 
  • How can moms get their sons talking and opening up to them? 
  • What words of wisdom Tim has for fathers. 

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