Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo podcast

Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo

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Where is Cleo? Taken by child welfare workers in the 1970’s and adopted in the U.S., the young Cree girl’s family believes she was raped and murdered while hitchhiking back home to Saskatchewan. CBC news investigative reporter Connie Walker joins the search to find out what really happened to Cleo.

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  • Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo podcast

    Introducing: The Next Call with David Ridgen - The Case of Terrie Dauphinais


    From David Ridgen, the creator of Someone Knows Something, comes the new investigative podcast The Next Call. Tackling unsolved cases through strategic phone calls. In the case of Terrie Dauphinais, a 24-year-old Metis woman is found dead in her Calgary home in the spring of 2002. New investigative efforts have held out promise, but the case still remains cold almost two decades later. More episodes are available at: smarturl.it/thenextcall
  • Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo podcast

    S2 Episode 10: Cleo’s letters


    Even though it was supposed to have been destroyed in 1983, the police file documenting the investigation into Cleo’s death still exists and it contains more detail than Christine ever imagined learning about the last days, hours and even minutes of Cleo’s short life.
  • Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo podcast

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  • Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo podcast

    S2 Episode 9: Reunion


    Christine travels to Pennsylvania for an emotional reunion with her brother, Johnny, who she hasn’t seen since she was a baby. Determined to get more answers about the days and weeks leading up to her sister’s death, Christine finally gets a copy of Cleo’s death certificate. That, and other documents begin to shed light on the truth she’s been seeking for decades.
  • Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo podcast

    S2 Episode 8: Salesperson of the year


    Digging through archives in Saskatchewan, Connie makes a shocking discovery. As she investigates the controversial Adopt Indian Metis program which Cleo and her siblings were a part of, the man who started the program agrees to speak with her about its controversial origins, and legacy.
  • Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo podcast

    S2 Episode 7: Lillian


    Connie’s chance meeting with the father who Cleo never knew is followed by new revelations about the Semaganis children’s biological mother, Lillian. A picture begins to emerge about why her children were taken, and when she joined the fight to stop the adoption of more Indigenous children into white homes.
  • Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo podcast

    S2 Episode 6: Little Pine


    A brief encounter with someone who knew Cleo perhaps better than anyone else just before her death reveals crucial details. Connecting new facts about her life leads the investigation to a world far from where Cleo died, back to Little Pine First Nation.
  • Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo podcast

    S2 Episode 5: Afraid of the dark


    As Connie shares some shocking news with Cleo's siblings, the truth about what happened to her remains just out of reach. Police may have answers but can’t share them yet. It's time to visit the one person who's bound to know more.
  • Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo podcast

    S2 Episode 4: The funeral home


    The search for Cleo leads Connie to investigate a headstone belonging to a 13-year-old girl who died in 1978. The cemetery is more than 20 hours away from Arkansas, where Cleo's family has long believed she was killed.
  • Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo podcast

    S2 Episode 3: A little lie


    Connie meets Cleo’s older brother, Johnny, in Pennsylvania, where he was adopted. He’s haunted by the memory of saying goodbye to Cleo and longs to fulfill a promise to find her. A late night internet search reveals he may be close.
  • Missing & Murdered: Finding Cleo podcast

    S2 Episode 2: Eyes that haunted me


    Christine gets a tip that helps geographically narrow the search for Cleo, and Connie visits another sister, April, to see what she may remember. Scouring old photos and documents, they stumble on a key reference to Cleo in April’s adoption records.

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