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148 Nourishing Autistic Passion with Love: A Mother-Daughter Story with Lori Ann LaRocco and Abby Wallace

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Dive into an extraordinary mother-daughter journey on the latest episode of Beyond Chronic Burnout! 📚 Join host Carole Jean Whittington as she welcomes Lori Ann LaRocco, CNBC's Senior Editor of Guests and supply chain reporter, along with her teenage daughter, Abby Wallace. 

Discover how a simple history trip ignited a three-year writing journey that delves into an untold side of American history. From fingerprints in bricks to a heartfelt exploration of the people behind the buildings, Lori Ann and Abby share their unique perspective and passion for storytelling. 

Learn how they nourished their collaboration and tackled challenges like publishing scammers, all while staying energized and avoiding burnout. Don't miss this heart-centered episode filled with inspiration and purpose! 

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