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140 - How Moms Can Dread the Weekend Energy Drain with guest Michelle Markman

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You've heard it many times I'm sure, "I can't wait for Friday" there are songs about how "everybody's workin' for the weekend."

In today's candid conversation with my guest, Michelle Markman, we are talking about how many moms dread the weekends not because we don't love our kiddos, but because of the energy drain that happens for many moms.

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ABOUT Michelle-

Michelle is an entrepreneur, wife, and mother. Michelle spends her free time volunteering to support moms of children with distinct needs. She is a coach for late diagnosed, high masking low supports needs women with a drive to succeed. 

Her passion is empowering other neurodivergent people to lead whole successful lives and make their dreams come true despite all obstacles. 

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