The Dominating EDGE™ podcast

The Dominating EDGE™

Jeff Hammer

The 5-minute weekly message everyone is talking about! Master your life and finances with simple, practical, Dominating EDGE™ teachings. Learn the secrets of intentionally attracting the things and life you desire. Increase your happiness and abundance!

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  • The Dominating EDGE™ podcast

    Elevating Your State.


    One of the quickest ways to attract anything in your life is to find the “feeling place” of what it is you want - - - bring yourself into that state of where you would be if you had what it is you desire. It’s this emotion that provides a magnetic pull if you will.
  • The Dominating EDGE™ podcast

    Recess Bell


    When I was a kid in grade school I loved when the recess bell rang - it meant it was time to leave the classroom and head outside... free time, to do what I wanted. It was a welcome interruption to the strict schedule of my day. I thought of this today, as the “Bell of Mindfulness” rang on my computer.
  • The Dominating EDGE™ podcast

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  • The Dominating EDGE™ podcast

    Choosing a Desirable Idea


    A healthy diet is important..., exercise is important..., expanding your mind with new programs, new courses, new books is important - - - BUT, nothing is more important or will have a more powerful impact on your life, than monitoring your thoughts and thinking only of what you want in life.
  • The Dominating EDGE™ podcast

    Thoughts, words and action


    We know that the thoughts we’ve been thinking today since we’ve woken up, will attract similar, even stronger thoughts - - - and eventually manifest, physically, in our life. So what I’d like you to do is take inventory of what you’ve been thinking about today
  • The Dominating EDGE™ podcast

    Tossing Fertilizer


    There is nothing magical about this process, plant seeds of abundance and we will harvest abundance - if you’re planting the seeds of limiting beliefs and fear, this is what the garden of your mind will grow. There’s a quote I like, it goes like this “Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. The harvest will bring either flowers or weeds.”
  • The Dominating EDGE™ podcast

    The Power of Persistence


    In our projects, our side hustles, our life changes - whatever that is for you, we must always remember that the most important thing we can do is to “know!” We must know the truth of what we are to manifest - - and then every day I take action! As we know, nothing in life can get better, nothing can change until we think a new thought, followed by daily consistent action.
  • The Dominating EDGE™ podcast

    Life Changing Wealth


    I believe that cryptocurrency is the future - bitcoin being the store of value. I believe it so strongly that I’ve dedicated my life this past year to developing an app and program to educate individuals on cryptocurrency, providing them the opportunity, with limited risk, to potentially attract life-changing wealth.
  • The Dominating EDGE™ podcast

    Attraction Simplified


    If what you want to expand and what you’ve been thinking about today are not in alignment, something needs to change - - - or nothing will change, nothing can get better in your life!
  • The Dominating EDGE™ podcast

    What is Your Why?


    Manifesting additional financial abundance isn’t just about picking the random number you decide you want to make, or attract - but what will you do with it, and how much will that cost?
  • The Dominating EDGE™ podcast

    Your Limiting Beliefs


    Each and every day, for every one of us, we move out into the day, largely boxed in by our limiting beliefs. Not just limiting beliefs about life, but limiting beliefs about ourselves, personally! We’re boxed in, which in turn boxes us out of certain opportunities the universe may otherwise provide.

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