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Grasp today’s economic, social and business issues with research and analysis brought to you by our HEC Paris Business School Professors. Widen your perspectives with recognized experts from different disciplines through a series of talks. Expanding knowledge, Enhancing responsibility: this is our engagement to our podcast listeners.

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  • Knowledge@HEC podcast

    Special Edition: HEC Grande Ecole Students Plunge into Environmental Issues in Chamonix


    For the second time ever, HEC’s first year students began their school career with the off-campus “Purpose & Sustainability” seminar. 370 freshmen converged on the Alpine village of Chamonix for a physically and intellectually intense three-day seminar devoted to the major environmental and social challenges the world faces. This podcast reflects the intensity of the experience and the lessons drawn from it.  Read more
  • Knowledge@HEC podcast

    Economic Perspectives for Germany after September’s Federal Vote


    The September 26 federal elections in Germany have been earmarked as one of its most important in the past two decades. For a start, it signals the end of Angela Merkel’s tenure as Chancellor, after 16 years at the helm of Europe’s largest economy. To comment on this landmark vote, its uncertain outcome, and economic outlook, we turn to Armin Steinbach, HEC professor in law. Steinbach is ideally placed to comment: prior to his September arrival at our business school, he spent over a decade as a government official and adviser in the Ministries of Finance and of Economic Affairs and Germany’s Parliament.
  • Knowledge@HEC podcast

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  • Knowledge@HEC podcast

    Olivier Sibony Makes Noise with Breakthrough Study on Human Judgment


    HEC Professor of Strategy (Education Track) Olivier Sibony joins forces with Nobel-laureate Daniel Kahneman and legal scholar Cass Sunstein to publish Noise, a monumental study on a little-known – yet pervasive - flaw in human error. The trio thus reinvent a term for a variability of judgment pervading decision-making at all levels and in all fields. In an exclusive interview, Olivier shares insights into a groundbreaking work that has shot into bestseller lists worldwide. It comes a day after the publication of the book’s French edition. And weeks before the arrival of Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman’s visit to HEC on October 7, to accept the title of “Honoris Causa Doctor”. The interview was recorded on May 6, 2021.  Film extracts: 12 Angry Men, directed by Sidney Lumet, starring Henry Fonda. This podcast was recorded on September 30, 2021.
  • Knowledge@HEC podcast

    "The World is Watching El Salvador’s Bitcoin Experiment"


    On  September 7, El Salvador became the world’s first nation to make the  cryptocurrency bitcoin legal tender across the country. This bold  initiative from the tiny Central American state is dissected by HEC  Professor in Finance Bruno Biais, who has written several top research  papers on cryptocurrency.
  • Knowledge@HEC podcast

    « Créer des passerelles entre la recherche et la politique »


    Jean-Noël Barrot, professeur associé à HEC Paris et député des Yvelines à l’Assemblée nationale, allie son engagement politique avec ses recherches dans le domaine de la finance. Il a remis un rapport au gouvernement le 29 juin dernier, où il développe des propositions pour aider la France à sortir de la crise sanitaire. Dans cet entretien, Jean-Noël Barrot nous explique comment il parvient à combiner utilement ses travaux de recherche et son rôle de parlementaire.  Ce podcast a été enregistré le 13 juillet 2021.  
  • Knowledge@HEC podcast

    Scrutinizing Truth Distortion Through a Marketing Lens


    HEC Paris associate professor of marketing, Anne-Sophie Chaxel, describes her recent study on truth distortion in the COVID-19 era. Using marketing techniques like the Stepwise Evolution of Preferences Chaxel and fellow academic Sandra Laporte, used such tools to see how people respond to controversial statements linked to the virus – when they’re delivered by popular personalities. They enrolled 1,400 American workers and asked them to respond to allegations that COVID-19 is man-made and that hydroxychloroquine can eliminate the symptoms. They discovered that the more controversial these statements are, the more people seem to adhere to them…
  • Knowledge@HEC podcast

    The Caster Semenya Case: Perceptions of Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Human Rights and Sports Politics


    For the 32nd Olympic Games, one of South Africa’s modern icons, 800-meter champion Caster Semenya, will not be making the trip northwards. She has been barred from the Tokyo Olympics where she had hoped to defend a crown she won in 2012 and 2016. We discuss with Associate Professor Matteo Winkler the legal, sociological and ethical implications of this legal decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, or CAS. It targets women athletes like Semenya who are born with naturally high levels of testosterone, what’s called “hyper-androgyny”. Winkler and fellow academic, Doctor Giovanna Gilleri, published a 40-page study deconstructing the controversy and what it reflects on the law, sports politics, transgender sexuality… and the West’s sometimes uncomfortable position on femininity in the Global South. 
  • Knowledge@HEC podcast

    French Court Overrules Ban on Cannabidiol Sales


     A year after the EU’s Court of Justice ruled that none of its member states can outlaw the sale of the non-psychotic compound cannabidiol (CBD), France’s highest appeals court overturned a decision banning its sale on French territory. Associate Professor Daniel Martinez analyses the June 26 decision in the light of his long research on cannabis-related questions in Colorado. 
  • Knowledge@HEC podcast

    « L' achat de MGM va permettre à Amazon d'alimenter le trafic sur sa plate-forme généraliste »


    Il y a un mois, Amazon fait un coup d'éclat spectaculaire, en annonçant l’achat du studio hollywoodien MGM pour plus de sept milliards d’euros. Quelles conséquences pour le monde du cinéma et son économie ? Directeur du MS Médias, Arts et Création à HEC Paris, Thomas Paris analyse la portée de cet événement. Il a récemment cosigné avec Philippe Chantepie « L’économie du cinéma », publié par La Découverte.  Ce podcast a été enregistré le 9 juin 2021. 
  • Knowledge@HEC podcast

    Revealing and Countering AI Bias


    A large body of empirical evidence points to bias in access to credit. This is stigmatizing women, ethnic minorities and consumers from certain geographical zones. Nowadays, algorithms and machine-learning techniques could be unintentionally exacerbating this bias. HEC Associate Dean for Research, Christophe Pérignon, describes these challenges - and new techniques he has developed to reduce bias impact. These techniques can be applied in banking, insurance, hiring, fraud detection and justice.

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