I Shouldn't Say This, But... podcast

I Shouldn't Say This, But...

Katy Leeson

Think of all the things you wouldn’t expect a Managing Director to say. This podcast is all about sharing those thoughts. Katy Leeson is the Managing Director of Social Chain, one of the fastest growing social media marketing agencies in the world. This podcast is an honest and frank dive into working life, but also highlights the importance of life outside of work. With an array of guests that are exceptionally open about their experiences and a feature from a fantastic therapist to help unpack all the important points, ‘I Shouldn’t Say This, But…’ is one of the most honest podcasts out there.

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  • I Shouldn't Say This, But... podcast

    25: I Shouldn’t Say This, But…your side hustle could change your life.


    In this week’s episode, I talk to the wonderful Elizabeth Ogabi about the realities of creating your own side hustle, the significance of long-term vision in setting work/life boundaries and her fantastic new book ‘Side Hustle in Progress: A Practical Guide to Kickstarting Your Business.’ It was really interesting to get the other side of the debate when it comes to role side hustles play in the glamourisation of overwork and it was great to hear Elizabeth's perspective!
  • I Shouldn't Say This, But... podcast

    24: I Shouldn’t Say This, But … Leaders need to be honest about the fact they don't know everything


    In this week’s episode, I dive into the realities of leadership. I talk about the difficulties that come with leading a team through a pandemic, the silent struggle of perfection and the pressure I personally feel to deliver for my team. There is a false sense of expertise surrounding leadership roles and it is a huge contributing factor to the problems we face when we enter into them. It’s time we talked openly about this.
  • I Shouldn't Say This, But... podcast

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  • I Shouldn't Say This, But... podcast

    23: I shouldn’t say this, but … I’ve been suffering with chronic pain since the age of 18.


    In this week’s episode, I speak to the brilliant Rachel Carrell, founder of Koru Kids. We have a really candid conversation about the realities of living with chronic pain and the desire people have to hide their struggles. We also dive into Rachel’s fantastic business, looking at childcare as a people issue, not just a women’s issue, in addition to the importance of setting boundaries when working on something you’re passionate about.
  • I Shouldn't Say This, But... podcast

    22: I Shouldn’t Say This, But…we can make social media a positive place.


    In this week’s episode, I dive into the positive side of social platforms. There are some obvious issues that need to be addressed across them all. Namely issues of trolling and abuse, which need to be dealt with quickly and with severity. But I’m not sure that it’s productive to let these issues dominate the conversation. I explore the idea that to want to make social media a more positive place, we need to highlight all the good that it facilitates, as well diving into the ways in which we can teach young people to use it well.
  • I Shouldn't Say This, But... podcast

    21: I shouldn’t say this, but … taking a personal step back allows the mission to move several steps forward.


    In this week’s episode, I speak to the fantastic Jamie Crummie; co-founder and director of the amazing Too Good To Go. We talk about everything from the value in detaching yourself from your ego when building a business and team, to the role of education in changing the culture of food waste in the UK and being proactive in your passions and the issues you wish to resolve. Jamie also shares some brilliant insights into what we can be doing to help reduce our own food waste.
  • I Shouldn't Say This, But... podcast

    20: I Shouldn’t Say This, But … leadership often comes at the expense of creativity.


    In this week’s episode, I take a look at the way our brains change as we move into adulthood, and the impact this has on our creativity. I talk about my own experience of this and the way this change is mirrored as we move up in our careers. I also raise some big questions, like can you move forward in your career without becoming a manager? Do we have to sacrifice our creativity as we move through the ranks?
  • I Shouldn't Say This, But... podcast

    19: I shouldn’t say this but...I have to work at finding balance - every day


    In this week’s episode, I speak to the fabulous Emma Heal; Managing Director of alcohol free brand, Lucky Saint. We talk about her incredible career history, the importance of fitting your own life jacket first and how Emma perceives the role of Managing Director. We also take a look at why “I’m not drinking tonight” is becoming a more accepted stance. Get £10 off your first order of any single case of 12 (or larger) at luckysaint.co with the code SOCIALCHAIN 
  • I Shouldn't Say This, But... podcast

    18: I Shouldn’t Say This But … I used my anti-depressants as a crutch.


    In this episode, I talk candidly about my experience with situational depression and the journey I’ve been on with anti-depressants. I discuss how it felt first being prescribed them, right through to how it feels now that I’m coming off them, as well as the importance of doing so effectively. The past two years have been hard, but I’m coming out the other side a much better person.
  • I Shouldn't Say This, But... podcast

    17: I Shouldn’t Say This, But...I’m Struggling To Take My Own Advice.


    Cate Sevilla is my spirit animal. In this episode we talk about Cate’s journey through huge companies, including Google, and how she came to write her incredible book, ‘How to Work Without Losing Your Mind’. We touch on the role that companies play in supporting us, and why it might not be what you think, alongside the right way to raise issues with your manager and what our work identities really mean. 
  • I Shouldn't Say This, But... podcast

    16: I Shouldn't Say This, But...my brain crashed.


    In this episode I talk to High Performance Expert & Psychiatrist, Dr T. We start this amazing conversation with WHY - why we’re both invested in preventing burnout and helping deal with crisis’. We also talk about how we both deal with being people pleasers but the positives this has brought to both our lives. Finally, we look at how restriction, change, uncertainty and threat can impact our emotions and the profound effect the past year has had on all of us. If you want some tips about how to move on from the past year, this is the episode for you. 

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