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Iterate brings together the best designers and app producers in the business to talk user interface and user experience from concept to implementation. Hosted by Marc Edwards, Seth Clifford, and Rene Ritchie. Loop until done.

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  • Iterate podcast

    86: More color, gamut!


    Marc and Seth tell Rene about Adobe Experience Design, Principle, Flinto, Hugo and everything else he missed while he was reviewing the new DCI-P3 iPad Pro with True Tone. Kinda.
  • Iterate podcast

    85: On the Night Shift


    Facebook is making device images, Bjango is making icon templates, Apple is making Night Shift, and Marc, Seth, and Rene are iterating on all of it! Links Facebook device images Night Shift: iOS 9.3 FAQ Eizo monitors Bjango App Icon Templates Endava Hosts @MarcEdwards Bjango @SethClifford sethclifford @ReneRitchie iMore @IterateCast
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  • Iterate podcast

    84: 10-bit channels


    Marc, Seth, and Rene are back and talking DCI-P3 and 10-bit color space, designing for the new Apple TV, iPhone 6s Plus and dropped frames, and Adobe's Project Comet. New iMac 5K and 10bit per channel color Was @RickyRomero the first to notice El Capitan’s 10bit color? OS X El Capitan Quietly Unlocked 10-Bit Color in iMacs and Mac Pros Apple TV Designing Apple TV apps iPhone 6s Plus What tech reviewers aren't telling you about the iPhone 6s Plus Inside Digital Foundry: How we measure console frame-rate Project Comet by Adobe Introducing Project Comet: a new tool for designing and prototyping user experiences Meet Project Comet We’re on Twitter! @MarcEdwards Bjango @SethClifford sethclifford @ReneRitchie iMore @IterateCast
  • Iterate podcast

    83: We're back!


    After a long hiatus that included two new kids and a lot of travel and work, Marc, Seth, and Rene are back! We talk Photoshop, iTunes, and Photos for OS X, and designing software for multiple, often conflicting, use cases. Oh, and what’s happening with the show!
  • Iterate podcast

    82: Christa Mrgan on Audio Hijack 3


    Christa Mrgan of Rogue Amoeba joins Marc, Seth, and Rene to talk Audio Hijack 3, visual design for audio apps, Yosemite, and more.
  • Iterate podcast

    81: Brad Ellis on WatchKit


    Brad Ellis joins Marc, Seth, and Rene to talk about WatchKit and designing for the Apple Watch, including screen size, remote views, and what makes the most sense.
  • Iterate podcast

    80: Allen Pike, the Party Monster


    Allen Pike talks to Marc, Seth, and Rene about his time at Apple working on iWork for Mac and iPad, going indie with Steamclock, WeddingDJ, and Party Monster, pricing apps, and more.
  • Iterate podcast

    79: David Keegan of Acorns


    David Keegan of Acorns joins Marc, Seth, and Rene to talk about designing apps, mocking up Apple Watch apps, and more!
  • Iterate podcast

    78: Richard Fulcher and Nicholas Jitkoff of Google on Material Design


    Richard Fulcher and Nicholas Jitkoff, designers at Google, talk to Marc, Seth, and Rene about the origins, development, and implementation of Material Design on Android and the web. Support Iterate: Go to and save 10% with promo code 'teamseth'. Go to for a free 7 day trial. Show notes Material Design at Google Material Design at Android Central Guests Richard Fulcher Nicholas Jitkoff Hosts Marc Edwards of Bjango Seth Clifford of Nickelfish Rene Ritchie of Mobile Nations Feedback Yell at us on Twitter or leave a comment below.
  • Iterate podcast

    77: Adobe MAX 2014


    Adobe MAX 2014 — new apps, new services, new experiences… New Adobe? Marc Edwards was there so Seth Clifford and Rene Ritchie flip the tables and interview *him*. Also: Pixelmator for iPad and its pricing.

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