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Celebrating Public Works with Utilities Program Manager Dan Denning, EIPD Engineering Associate Carrie Theus and Street Supervisor Paul Neiswonger

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For this episode of the ‘Inside Bend’ podcast we wanted to honor the great work that the public works department does for the community!

From designing and maintaining roadways to maintaining our water systems, the public works team is at the core of the services that are provided by the City and are the people that keep everything running.

On this episode you’ll hear from three staff members who each play a vital role in our community.

Dan Denning from the Utility Department talks water conservation and even gives some great tips on how you might be able to save some money.

Carrie Theus from the Engineering and Infrastructure Planning Department will explain more about the Olney Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Project which aims to give more people more options to get around town.

And finally, Paul Neiswonger in the Transportation and Mobility Department dives into the Street Preservation Program and why it’s so important for keeping our good roads good

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