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Influence for Today's Coaches

DeAngelo Wiser

Many questions and challenges face coaches everyday. Are your ready?

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  • Influence for Today's Coaches podcast

    Quitting.........What would you say to your player?


    Have you experienced a player quitting? Have you ever quit a job or team? As a coach how did you handle it? It's easier with a player who may not ever play, but what about a starter or star player? Would you ever consider letting them come back? What would the conditions be?
  • Influence for Today's Coaches podcast

    Will you lead from the front, middle or back?


    Where will you lead from at key moments? at practice? after a big win? a big loss? Are you willing to take the blame? Share the spotlight? Step to the back? Every moment is an opportunity to show who we really are? What exactly do your players see?
  • Influence for Today's Coaches podcast

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  • Influence for Today's Coaches podcast

    Competing for a Championship


    What will it take to get your team up to Championship Standards? Do you have skill standards? What are your markers for developing your players? Does it include Culture, Leadership, Competing, Skill, Strategy, Fitness, Mental, Decision Making, Examples of Commitment? Here are some ideas that might make a difference. Thanks for listening.
  • Influence for Today's Coaches podcast

    Coaching Pressure


    How much pressure do you deal with everyday in your career? Does it origin lie in the job or does it originate with you? How do you work through pressure? Have there been times when the pressure was to great and you had to make a decision or get help? As a coach do you have resources to deal with pressure? Do you feel it's a sign of weakness to admit the pressure is just to much? If that happens where will you turn?
  • Influence for Today's Coaches podcast

    Why Dont Players Get It?


    Are your players content with past success? Are they prepared for your level of practice and play? How will you convince them their past success means little? What will you do when a player reaches their potential? Do you rank your players? Do you share that with the player? the team?
  • Influence for Today's Coaches podcast

    Why Aren't My Players More Skilled?


    Are your players skills where you need them to be? How do you develop your player's skill? Do you rank their skills? Have you tried a Skills Olympics? A Skills Competition under the lights? An early morning session once a week? Do you have a Skills Coach? What would you include in your skills assessment?
  • Influence for Today's Coaches podcast

    Leading the Leaders


    Where do you turn personally for inspiration and motivation? Have you ever contacted a former coach or mentor for solutions or experience? What would you say the key to reaching your players is with respect to your message?
  • Influence for Today's Coaches podcast

    The Third Option: Good /Better/ Best


    Have you used Good, Better and Best in describing player decisions? Do your players have permission to make the Best Decision even if it comes with a risk? Are you highlighting decision making in practice? Is your demeanor and words on the sideline encouraging players to make the best decision or play it safe?
  • Influence for Today's Coaches podcast

    Player Driven or Team Driven


    Are your coaching decisions consistent? Would you ever make an exception based on ability and the importance of a particular game? Would you do the same for a less skilled player? Have you ever had a decision come back with unintended consequences? At what point will you stand firm on a decision(s) based on the team's standards or expectations? Is your credibility on the line when you bend or relax an expectation?
  • Influence for Today's Coaches podcast

    Lean on a Mentor


    Do you use a mentoring system with new coaches at your school or club? Where do your mentors come from? Is there a program for the mentors to follow? How do you qualify your mentors? What is the standard? Why would a new coach not want a mentor? Has your program been successful?

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