I Might Die Alone (IMDA) podcast

I Might Die Alone (IMDA)

Khaylah Epps

Welcome to "I Might Die Alone", the podcast that celebrates women who are defining their lives beyond their relationship status and dives deep into the dichotomy of wanting romantic love but also not letting that absence consume us.

Each week, I'll be joined by inspiring guests who have learned to prioritize their own growth and have made the conscious decision not to prioritize romantic relationships as more valuable than any other. We'll explore just how rich their lives have become since shifting their focus from finding a partner to finding themselves.

With each episode, I hope to inspire you to embrace your independence, prioritize your own happiness, and live your best life. Because the truth is, whether you end up with a partner or not, you have everything you need to create a life that's rich and fulfilling.

So, let's come together and have honest conversations about what it means to prioritize ourselves while still holding space for our desire for love and connection. Let's explore the different paths to building a family and creating a fulfilling life on our own terms - because I might die alone, but is that so bad?

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