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Join hosts Allen Murabayashi and Sarah Jacobs for a look at photography, gear, pressing issues and inspiration. Get all the links on our blog at http://blog.photoshelter.com

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  • I Love Photography podcast

    Nikon Ambassador Joey Terrill on His Career as a Freelance Photographer


    Nikon Ambassador and lighting expert Joey Terrill sat down to talk with us about his decision to pursue commercial photography unlike his brother Mark, a well-known photojournalist for the AP. 
  • I Love Photography podcast

    Sage Spirit – An Interview with Conservation Photographer Dave Showalter


    Colorado-based photographer Dave Showalter focuses on Western Conservation. A fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers, Dave has published two books about the importance of the prairie ecosystem in the Great Plains and the plants and creatures that inhabit the area. 
  • I Love Photography podcast

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  • I Love Photography podcast

    Send in the Geeks! An Interview with Melissa Lyttle


    Independent photojournalist and National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) President Melissa Lyttle sits down with PhotoShelter's Allen Murabayashi a day after her annual Geek Fest photography festival to talk about the freelance life, the value of an NPPA membership and sexual harassment in the industry.
  • I Love Photography podcast

    Pulitzer Prize Winner Deanne Fitzmaurice


    Live from the Summit California Sports Workshop, we speak with Pulitzer Prize winner Deanne Fitzmaurice about judging the College Photographer of the Year Award and ensuing controversy about the winner's portfolio, ethics in photojournalism, the freelance life, sexual harassment in the industry, and much more.
  • I Love Photography podcast

    An Interview with Conservation Photographer Michael Forsberg


    Michael Forsberg has spent his career focused on his hometown of Nebraska. The area which is sometimes pejoratively referred to as "fly over" country is actually home to the Great Plains (an integral part of the nation's bread basket and ecosystem diversity) and massive watersheds that provide life to humans and animals alike. We interviewed Forsberg at the Photography at the Summit Nature Workshop where he serves as faculty.
  • I Love Photography podcast

    An Interview with Wildlife Photographer Melissa Groo


    PhotoShelter's Allen Murabayashi interviews wildlife photographer Melissa Groo, winner of the 2016 Audubon Photography Award on her concern for conservation, ethics, and the challenges of making a career in wildlife photography.  
  • I Love Photography podcast

    An Interview with Outdoor Photographer's Wes Pitts


    PhotoShelter's Allen Murabayashi interviews the editor of Outdoor Photographer, Wes Pitts, to discuss conservation photography, changes in the magazine landscape, and how to pitch him a great story.
  • I Love Photography podcast

    What Makes an Image Iconic | I Love Photography | Ep 61


    Jonathan Bachman's recent image from Baton Rouge has been called "iconic" and "legendary" and compared to great historical photos like "Tank Man." Other pundits have said it's just a bunch of hype. Michael David Murphy and Allen Murabayashi discuss what makes a photo iconic in this special podcast.
  • I Love Photography podcast

    HONY Raises $2m for Pakistan | I Love Photography | Ep 60


    Our weekly look at all things photographic with Fernando Gomes and PhotoShelter co-founder Allen Murabayashi.   Get the podcast: http://bit.ly/ilovephoto Watch the broadcast: http://bit.ly/ilovephotoyt   1:22 Max Whittaker’s California Wildfire Photos 3:39 Chris Usher’s Katrina Diaspora 6:47 Alex Soth's City of Water 8:34 Tomas Munita's Walking in War's Path 13:23 Photographer loses copyright infringement case because of Creative Commons 16:00 HONY raises $2m to help end bonded labor in Pakistan 20:38 Drones increase heart rates of bears 22:07 Ammunition to shoot drones 23:09 ND Cops are periscoping traffic stops and it’s not going well 25:26 Mikel Aristregi Prieto’s homeless, alcoholic Mongolians 28:16 Tariq Zaidi’s Kazakh eagle hunters 30:12 Risbhabh Kaul spent two months photographing a pool 31:50 Woodstock was crazy, yo 33:57 Fainting bridesmaid + the first kiss
  • I Love Photography podcast

    Bruce Gilden & Vice Magazine in Appalachia | I Love Photography | Ep. 59


    Our weekly look at all things photographic with Fernando Gomes and PhotoShelter co-founder Allen Murabayashi.   Get the podcast: http://bit.ly/ilovephoto Watch the broadcast: http://bit.ly/ilovephotoyt   0:26 Bruce Gilden photographs Appalachia for Vice Magazine (and creates controversy) 8:30 Photo of cop pointing gun at woman goes viral, but backstory is different  13:03 Kodak’s First Digital Moment in 1973  15:30 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest Winners  17:35 Illuminating Joel Sartore’s endangered animal photos on the Empire State Building  20:10 Ron Haviv on Scarves  21:54 Portraits of Babies in Camera Bags  23:00 KFC chicken bucket prints photos  23:53 Burger King prints your face on custom burger wrappers 25:51 Brendan Batchelor takes Senior Portraits at Taco Bell

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