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H2EEF 41 "Angelic Bodies" with Marie Losier

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Marie Losier returns for part 2 of our discussion, this time with more of a focus on her feature length works: Cassandro the Exotico!, Felix in Wonderland and the Teddy Award winning The Ballad of Genesis P and Lady Jaye, though some of the shorter film and video works are discussed as well. We discuss the highs and lows encountered when working so closely with those who star in these films as well as the process of making real-life subjects into the stars of the films. In addition, the impact of music on Marie and her films is a focus here, including her process now of making her first official musical comedy!

You can access many of the films discussed in this episode from including on their VOD page and on their app. Others can be found on Marie's vimeo page, with more information available from

Artists discussed in this episode include

Genesis P-Orridge

Lady Jaye Beyer P-Orridge

Felix Kubin

Tony Conrad

George & Mike Kuchar

Guy Maddin

John Waters

Jack Smith

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