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Hope and Red

Hope and Red is an action-packed audio epic fantasy about an empire on the brink of war, a warrior on the path of revenge, a necromancer on the hunt for power, and a thief who’s really just trying to stay alive. Read by the author Jon Skovron. Produced by Orbit and Hachette Audio.

16 Episódios

  • Hope and Red podcast

    Episode 15: Vengeance and Rebirth


    Hope and Brigga Lin begin their desperate assault on the palace, but the choices Red makes could mean the difference between victory or complete annihilation.
  • Hope and Red podcast

    Episode 14: Betrayal and Alliance


    After two years of preparation, Brigga Lin finally reveals her astonishing discovery to the Council of Biomancery and is surprised by their reaction. Hope and Red chase Teltho Kan to the imperial capital of Stonepeak, where they are forced to rethink their plan.
  • Hope and Red podcast

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  • Hope and Red podcast

    Episode 13: Family and Freedom


    The reunion with Red’s estranged family ends in disaster as Teltho Kan reveals someone from Hope’s past who as been made into a hideous new weapon to serve him. But that isn’t the only scheme the biomancer has in store.
  • Hope and Red podcast

    Episode 12: Art and Artifice


    Hope and Red receive help in their hunt for Teltho Kan from an unlikely source. And the trail leads to an even less likely destination.
  • Hope and Red podcast

    Episode 11: Soldiers and Blood


    The gang war in Paradise Circle brings the unwelcome attention of imperial soldiers. And leading those soldiers is the biomancer who massacred Hope’s village ten years ago.
  • Hope and Red podcast

    Episode 10: Secrets and Riots


    Hope and Red uncover the terrible secret of how Deadface Drem has gained power. With the help of Red’s friends, they reveal it to the people of Paradise Circle, and violence swiftly follows.
  • Hope and Red podcast

    Episode 9: Gangs and Stones


    After fending off another attack by Drem’s gang, Hope decides to go on the offensive. Red has an idea how to help her, but even if the plan succeeds, it might make them both enemies of Paradise Circle.
  • Hope and Red podcast

    Episode 8: Friends and Enemies


    Hope and Red go on the run from Deadface Drem and his gang. Sadie’s illness takes a turn for the worse.
  • Hope and Red podcast

    Episode 7: Vinchen and Thief


    When Sadie falls deathly ill, Red hatches a daring plan to steal from the imperial coffers in order to pay for her medicine. Hope and the crew of The Lady’s Gambit find a hidden horror on the island of Murgesia. Worlds unexpectedly collide in the Drowned Rat Tavern.
  • Hope and Red podcast

    Episode 6: Acceptance and Transformation


    Hope and the crew of The Lady’s Gambit brave treacherous, pirate-infested waters to get a shipment to the imperial outpost on Dawn’s Light. Brigga Lin’s discovery leads to new clarity.

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