Healing the Healer Podcast podcast

Healing the Healer Podcast

Emanuel Zevallos

Emanuel Zevallos, Founder of Compass Healing Center and H.E.A.L, wants to get the word out on how we can thrive using the healing modality of the Emotion and Body Code. Emanuel will be interviewing healers of all walks of life; can be a great resource to maintain your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. H.E.A.L is a new social media platform for those who love the Holistic Lifestyle(www.haveempathyandlove.com) He is the husband of Jessica Zevallos, a proud father, and a follower of Jesus Christ. Appointments: www.compasshealing.as.me Contact: [email protected] Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/healingthehealer/support

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