Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw podcast

Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw

Wendy K Laidlaw

Podcast by Wendy K Laidlaw, Author, Founder & CEO of HealEndometriosisNaturally.com Wendy put her Stage IV Endometriosis and Adenomyosis into remission after suffering for over 33 years - after 6 surgeries, countless drugs and painkillers failed her. She also ended up bedridden for many years with adhesions, Cysts, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a Mitochondria dysfunction. After retraining (from her bed) in a few areas and Wendy is now a Certified Health Coach Specialising in Endometriosis, Adenomyosis and Infertility. She was able to identify the underlying causes of the inflammation and hormonal imbalance - found a natural way out through her developing the 'Laidlaw Protocols'... Using a multi-modal holistic approach which includes identifying toxic food, products, environment and relationships, Wendy was able to put her Endometriosis and other estrogen dominant conditions into remission and is now helping women all around the world achieve the same results. Wendy now helps other Endometriosis sufferers reduce and then eliminate their pain, symptoms and suffering through her books, online Challenge & Programs, so they can go back to living their life. Learn more and download a FREE Report called the Top 5 'Quick Start' Tips at; Https://HealEndometriosisNaturally.com

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  • Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw podcast

    #111 Meet Louise - ANOTHER SUCCESS Story - EndoBoss® Style


    Meet the lovely Louise from UK who for over 20 years suffered from endometriosis. As an owner of her own hairdressing salon and a top hairstylist, she worked tirelessly on her feet every day enduring a myriad of physical symptoms.  Then her husband ordered Louise the book ‘How I Ended My Endometriosis Naturally’ and then she joined the 21 Day Unstoppable EndoBoss® Challenge to learn more about emotions and essential self-care and became our first placed Winner. Louise's dedication and commitment paid off as she was offered a coveted place in the EndoBoss® Academy. In the beginning, she had many symptoms usual to women with endometriosis; Bleeding 6-9 Days, Flooding, Blood Clots, Ovulation Pain (Day 14 +), Migraines, Lower Back Pain, Ovary Pain, Bladder Pressure, Pain on Urination, Night Sweats, Hot Flashes, Memory Problems, Poor Sleep, Chronic Fatigue, Weepiness, Depression, Lethargy, Bloating, Distended Stomach, Candida, Restless Itchy Legs, Chemical Sensitivities, OvarianCysts, Chocolate Cysts, Dragging Sensation Down Legs - To name just a few of the many symptoms Now after 6 months of being a part of the EndoBoss® Academy with increased awareness, information, education and empowerment Louise says: “I am calmer, my sleep patterns are better, I have more energy, I rarely have a headache, I am in almost no pain between periods, my skin is clear and bright, I have a more positive outlook on life, I have names for my different parts, my eating patterns are healthier, greener, more regular, I am able to observe the changes in my body with less anxiety, i have more confidence in my abilities and who I am." "There have been dramatic changes in my periods and the flooding has definitely reduced even on the heavy periods. I have been able to have a full nights sleep during my period which is a miracle as I have usually been up every hour to change the sanitary pads with fear of bleeding through on the bed." "I have only had x2 paracetamol in 7 months where I was using it every month prior to joining the programme". Louise is now a BOSS of her body and an Alumni member of the exclusive EndoBoss® Tribe. To start your own journey learn more at https://HealEndometriosisNaturally.com/Programs 
  • Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw podcast

    #110 - Search For The Sacred Self (with Q&A)


    This week Wendy K Laidlaw discusses the search for the sacred self that lies within everyone.   Women with endometriosis invariably have given out of themselves to the extent they have no connection to their sacred selves. When you discover your sacred self, you awaken this hidden and dormant inner energy, and life force and let that guide your life. The word most commonly used to describe this inner force is "spiritual" or enlightenment. Maybe you are already powerful but seeking your power from the wrong place and there’s a new intelligent way to decode your endometriosis experience.  Hear some recent Q&A's at the end. Download your Top 5 Quick-Start Tips at https://HealEndometriosisNaturally.com   #HealEndometriosisNaturally #WendyKLaidlaw #EndoBoss
  • Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw podcast

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  • Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw podcast

    #109 - Troy McTeer - Emotional Prowess with The Anomaly Architect


    Listen to the wisdom of Troy McTeer from South Africa, who is one of the world’s leading experts in the mastery of the mind.  Using a unique personalised approach, he guides ultra high performing professionals and leaders around the globe, on how to embrace their uniqueness and claim their sovereignty of thought in their field. Many of the worlds' leading change-makers, throughout history, were once classed as an ‘anomaly'. Anomaly meaning these people felt outcasts, did not conform to societal rules nor think in the way others in the mainstream do. Troy is the mindset master and architect in guiding men and women ‘anomalies’ to design the life they were meant to fulfil. He helps to uncover their mental prowess to step away from the suffocation of conformity, and break free from the chains society has put upon them.  To learn more about Troy visit https://www.TroyMcTeer.com and to get in contact with him, email hi@TroyMcTeer.com   #TroyMcTeer #HealEndometriosisNaturally #WendyKLaidlaw #EndoBoss
  • Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw podcast

    #108 Make Younger You Proud


    Would your younger self be proud of who you are today?  Upon stumbling across an old photograph of herself aged 15 years old, Wendy recalls the old subconscious conditioning that surrounded the time when endometriosis first showed up. However, she has since realised the deeper meaning and messages behind the 'dis-ease' that appeared in her body when she was powerless to change. Now Wendy has uncovered the deeper elements behind what prevented her healing in the past but also the secrets to putting the condition into remission once and for all. Read the full article on Medium.com at https://wendyklaidlaw.medium.com/make-younger-you-proud-5356740b5e0a Register for the 21 Day Challenge that starts on Monday 13th September at https://EndoBoss.com/Challenge
  • Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw podcast

    #107 A New Report; Old Mythologies


    A new and upcoming women's health report is due to be published by the Scottish Government this week.  It is expected to discuss the potential improvement of diagnostic procedures and treatment for women with endometriosis. In this podcast, Wendy shares her hopes that the natural approach to addressing endometriosis will also be discussed over and above the mainstream gynaecological medical approach of painkillers, drugs and surgery. With new Mitomic blood tests being trialled it is time to modernise and update old, archaic and invasive diagnostic surgeries to prevent women from further harm. To learn how to start your new journey to becoming an EndoBoss® join the 21 Day Challenge at https://EndoBoss.com/Challenge. (*Read the FULL transcript on Medium Blog at https://wendyklaidlaw.medium.com/endometriosis-a-new-report-old-mythologies-e7bb7541b78)
  • Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw podcast

    #106 Rise of the Rage Room


    Wendy discusses how emotions like anger and rage may be the most feared and disowned emotions that are stored deep inside the unconscious.  Equally, she explains the difference between unpleasant suppressed emotions and those used by toxic people to control others. The rise of the rage room shares the safe and fun way to express universally disowned emotions like rage and anger that are socially rejected for women and how to connect to them safely. Get personalised support on how to connect to all your emotions by joining the 21 Day Challenge which starts soon. Register at https://EndoBoss.com/Challenge *Read the full transcript on Medium.com at https://wendyklaidlaw.medium.com  
  • Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw podcast

    #105 Super Strong Women


    Listen to Wendy interview the inspiring entrepreneur Samantha Giraud, who is the founder of Strongwomen.live Summit and XAMAS Global Active Wear.  Hear how she has overcome her own challenges and traumas to create this incredibly inspiring Summit bringing together over 39 women speakers. Wendy was asked to speak and share her own success story along with many other women who have overcome great adversity. Register for this FREE online Summit at https://bit.ly/Strong_Woman_Summit_FREE
  • Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw podcast

    #104 Dr Paul Jenkins - Power of Positivity


    Wendy interviews the wonderful Dr. Paul Jenkins who is a clinical psychologist specializing in the science and practice of healthy and powerful positivity. Dr. Paul empowers individuals, families, and influencers to go far beyond traditional therapy or 'positive thinking programs'. He encourages people to create and live the life they love through powerful positive psychology processes.  Dr. Paul recognizes that we have the power to influence our health by changing the questions we ask ourselves; which in turn improves our emotional and physical states. Get a FREE copy of Dr. Paul's book 'Pathologically Positive' (just pay shipping) at https://drpauljenkins.com #DrPaulJenkins #HealEndometriosisNaturally.com #EndoBoss #WendyKLaidlaw
  • Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw podcast

    #103 EndoBoss Questions & Answers - Part 2


    “Knowledge is having the right answers. Intelligence is asking the right questions.” Listen to the second and final part of a recent EndoBoss Q&A that Wendy answered some of her student's top questions.  She shares her answers with you now to inspire, further, and, of course, continue to empower you on your own EndoBoss journey. To get 21 Days of educational videos and learn what self-care really means (& how it can help your own endometriosis) join the next 21 Day Challenge which is now open for registrants https://EndoBoss.com/Challenge
  • Heal Endometriosis Naturally With Wendy K Laidlaw podcast

    #102 EndoBoss Questions & Answers - Part 1


    "The wise woman learns it is the right questions she asks that will lead her to health - never stop being curious about your body and emotions". Wendy K Laidlaw and her team get hundreds of emails a month from women with endometriosis asking questions and she hopes that her books and podcast help to answer them. During a recent program, Wendy answered some recent questions and shares the answers with you now to further your own journey. The 21 Day Challenge to 'ultimate self-care and emotional support' is now open for registrants - starts September so make sure to secure your place at https://EndoBoss.com/Challenge

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