Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast

Gruesome: Horrific True Crime


After years of trying to hide their deranged sense of curiosity, hosts Coni and Meg have decided to give up on normalcy in order to give you the horrific details of gruesome true crime stories that you probably didn't need to know. On Wednesdays, we're Gruesome.

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  • Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast

    Witch Trials


    It seems like everyone knows about the Salem witch trials, but did you know that witch hunts are still happening all over the world? Between 1960 and 2000 there were close to 40,000 people murdered after being accused of witchcraft in one country alone. Meg takes you through some of the most famous witch hunts and some that happened as recently as last year.
  • Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast

    The Lane Bryant Murders


    The suburban town of Tinley Park was voted as the best place in America to raise your family in 2009 by BusinessWeek Magazine.This suburban paradise seemed frozen in time, protected from the crimes that the neighboring city of Chicago often experienced. Coni takes you through the case that shattered the facade of safety in this otherwise perfect town.
  • Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast

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  • Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast

    The Michigan Murders


    The Michigan Murders began in March of 1967 and continued into 1969. Eastern Michigan University was plagued by a string of murders that got more gruesome as time went on. Meg tells you about the nine lives lost and how they caught the murderer. Or was it murderers?
  • Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast

    Nicole Van Den Hurk


    Nicole Van Den Hurk disappeared on her way to work in November of 1995. Coni takes you through Nicole's disappearance and the unique circumstances that brought her murderer to justice.   Sources:      
  • Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast

    The Carnival Mafia


    The sights and smells of a carnival are common in most small towns toward the end of the summer but what is going on after the lights turns off? Is there a carnival mafia lurking in the underbelly of the festival circuit? A hit put on an elderly couple selling handicrafts suggests that there might be. Meg takes us through this short case with a ton of twists and turns! 
  • Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast

    The Lululemon Murder


    On the night of March 11, 2011 Jayna Murray and Brittany Norwood were brutally attacked while closing down their Lululemon store they both worked at. Coni takes you through the case that left Jayna Murrary dead and investigators asking a lot of questions about the events that unfolded that night. 
  • Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast

    Sarah Jo Pender


    Dubbed a “female Charles Manson”, Sarah Jo Pender was found guilty of a double homicide in August of 2002. Despite Sarah’s claims that she wasn’t even in the house when it happened, she was sentenced to 110 years in prison. Meg takes you through the twists that followed her sentencing. Was she puppeteering her boyfriend to commit murder or was she just young, dumb, and in love?  
  • Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast

    Matthew Taylor Coleman


    Matthew Taylor Coleman was arrested in early August of 2021 for the brutal murder of his two children. This week, Coni tackles Gruesome's first "current event" case, and the conspiracy groups that fueled Coleman's transformation from doting dad to murderer.
  • Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast

    The Yogurt Shop Murders


    Austin, Texas in 1991 was a much different place than it is today. The city was rocked in December of that year when the charred bodies of four teenage girls were discovered within a burning yogurt shop. Meg discusses what happened then versus what we know today about this 25-year-old cold case. 
  • Gruesome: Horrific True Crime podcast

    Randall Woodfield


    Randall Woodfield was living the American Dream. He had parents who loved him, friends who adored him, and a promising football career. What made the serial flasher turn into a serial killer? Coni takes you through the Green Bay Packers worst ever draft pick.

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