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Leaders Nurture Relationships with Mark Weisensee at OpenRoad, Inc

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Leaders nurture relationships at the heart of their leadership philosophy, recognizing that their ability to nurture relationships is a cornerstone of effective leadership. These leaders nurture relationships by consistently fostering connections, trust, and mutual respect among team members, ensuring that the culture of the organization is one where relationships flourish. Today's guest is Mark Weisensee, CEO of OpenRoad, Inc. Inc Magazine ranked his company #2835 on the 2022 Inc 5000 list. OpenRoad, Inc. is a privately owned, people-oriented, and technology-driven global supply chain and logistics provider that connects people, businesses, and goods. In this episode, Mark delves deep into the art of how leaders nurture relationships, exploring real-world examples, and expert insights on their role in fostering meaningful connections within their teams and beyond. Join us as we uncover the many dimensions of how leaders nurture relationships, understanding that this practice isn't just a leadership skill; it's the essence of creating a harmonious and productive work environment where collaboration thrives. Discover how leaders nurture relationships to build resilient teams, enhance productivity, and create a culture where everyone feels valued and motivated to contribute their best, illustrating that when leaders nurture relationships, everyone wins.


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