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The Grit Files with Loralyn Mears & Guest Jennifer Moscato CEO One-Third Stories

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Jennifer Moscato is the President of One-Third Stories, an innovative language-learning solution designed for children and the adults who are teaching them. In a clever "sneak attack," the stories begin in one language but slowly morph into another language so that people learn words and their context in a natural way. This improves learning and retention, plus it's fun! Jennifer was joined by her husband, Darren Moscato, who plays a supporting role with the operations of the business. "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." They share some of the lessons learned (the hard way) as entrepreneurs. And they talk about the "drill and kill" method at schools - which isn't working. *APOLOGIES for the suboptimal audio quality of our guests' microphone - we did our best to improve their sound.

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