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The Grit Files with Loralyn Mears & Guest Franca Borgia

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Franca Borgia is a visionary, artist, and author. As a polyglot, she is hyper-aware of cultural sensitivies and the power of nuance: words have impact. She uses her artistry to create intricate, conceptual installations that are featured in several hotels and museums around the world. Her home - and her heart - is in Venice. This podcast was a special treat as we recorded it live as she strolled through Venice's famous landmarks and inserted quips about the city's rich history as we talked about mind-blowing ideas. For example, her monthly book series, could potentially go on for decades because she is unbound by spatial or contextual limitations. Her new book, "The Metabolism of the Mind," challenges conventional thinking about how fueling our bodies needs to go beyond the basic necessities of food and water. It is - and we are all - forms of energy that connect with each other to spark new forms. This is a fascinating discussion. I urge you all to open your minds and listen to Franca's incredible insights. You can find her on Instagram @r.a.r.a._international and on the web ... 

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