Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute podcast

Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute

Wendy Euler

Hosted by age activist and style enthusiast Wendy Euler, Cropped is a five-minute podcast for women who don't make their own estrogen anymore. Cropped is short by design: it's shorter than short-term memory or a hot flash or the mini-skirts we're not supposed to wear after 40, which is a dumb rule and you can ignore it. Plug into Cropped every Monday for Wendy's style tips, pointers on refreshing your wardrobe, ways to stay on top of your game, pretty things she's liking and whatever she feels like talking (or singing) about. Will she talk about bangles or belt out The Bangles? You never know. Cropped is meant to be a moment of levity during these cruddy times - and whew! They. Are. Cruddy. So check it out and let these five minutes be the antidote to crud.

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  • Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute podcast

    Ep. 5 - Heat up the wardrobe with menswear


    We of the middle-age set still want to feel a little sexy sometimes and we absolutely can! We must! At this point, we know sex appeal comes from what's on the inside (contentment, confidence, self-love), and the clothes we wear are simply a complement to all of that inner stunningness. We're no longer dressing like 20-somethings, right? RIGHT? Right. So we're gonna lean on a style icon for inspiration today and borrow from the boys this fall.
  • Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute podcast

    Ep. 4 - The Basics: The we-are-not-camels edition


    When life gets out of sync - and it happens to all of us - it's good to scale back and focus on what you can control. Wendy shares her "basics" or the seven things she does that keep her balanced or help her recalibrate... and warning: this includes lots of water.
  • Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute podcast

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  • Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute podcast

    Ep. 3 - Is that!?


    Getting older comes with a lot of perks, but it also comes with just a few humbling changes. The errant chin hair that unfurled overnight falls into this category. Let's discuss.
  • Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute podcast

    Ep. 2 - So many clothes, nothing to wear.


    The last thing anyone needs is to stare down a closet of clothes, only to feel BAD about themselves... nope, not today! I'm going to show you a fun and easy exercise we can use to tap into our own personal style - without struggling, and without limitations.
  • Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute podcast

    Ep. 1 - How did I get here?


    In an era that sometimes seems like never-ending doom, how can we find joy within each day? How can we decide what matters most? Every week, I'm going to share what makes me happy through this podcast. When it comes to content, I'm going to follow my heart, and I hope you'll come along with me!
  • Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute podcast

    Cropped: Trailer


    Welcome to my reinvented podcast, Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute. As most of you know, I'm all about reinvention, and here I go again!
  • Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute podcast

    Laura Brown


    Laura is the editor-in-chief of InStyle magazine the former executive director of Harper's Bazaar magazine... AND, she's witty beyond measure. She takes us through her journey within the fashion landscape, highlighting the importance of mentorship and the evolving nature of fashion itself.
  • Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute podcast

    Elise Loehnen


    Writer, editor, and podcast host Elise Loehnen inspires us to follow our dreams and embark on new journeys at ANY age. We discuss pivoting in mid-life, handling death and loss, and treating others with equality and equity.
  • Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute podcast

    Kim France and Jenn Romolini


    Kim and Jenn dig into their long history - from working together professionally, to collaborating on the "Everything is Fine" podcast as co-hosts. They share their thoughts on exploring opportunities, defining success, and living unapologetically.
  • Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute podcast

    Jennifer Freed PhD


    Renowned psychological astrologer and best-selling author Jennifer Freed drops by to chat, encouraging us to continuously learn, improve, and self-actualize. Personal growth doesn't stop at ANY age!

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